Careers & Tax Education

Careers and Tax Education 

Being a CPA offers tremendous flexibility when it comes to choosing a career path. While nearly half of all CPAs work in public accounting, CPAs also work in government, business and industry, and education. Often when people think of CPAs they immediately imagine accounting and auditing services, but the reality is that almost all AICPA members in public accounting report that their firms also offer tax services. Tax services are often a significant part of a small firm’s revenue, so understanding the essentials is critical for any professional looking to join a smaller firm, start a new practice, or grow their existing firm.

Tax and financial reporting considerations often intertwine, and accountants cannot provide effective professional services without a fundamental understanding of both financial reporting and taxation issues.  Students should seek out courses that offer fundamental tax knowledge to ensure they have the foundation needed to begin careers in either accounting or tax. For educators, a primary objective of their accounting curriculum should be to include sufficient tax content to ensure their students understand the role of taxation in economic decision-making and financial reporting.

This page contains information and links for students, professionals, and educators, including resources and learning opportunities for any professional considering a career in taxation.

Model Tax Curriculum

The MTC is a resource created to assist educators by providing recommendations for designing the tax component of the academic accounting curriculum (Revised 5/14).

Accounting Education

This page serves as a directory of AICPA resources for use by accounting educators including career awareness materials, curriculum tools, scholarship and award program applications, and student competency assessment frameworks.

Young CPA Network 

A community for young and aspiring CPAs seeking answers and advice on career challenges and opportunities, and a platform for building a network of likeminded CPAs in the profession.   

Articles & Resources

AICPA Leadership Academy

The Academy exposes the next generation of CPAs to a strong ethic of leadership and service while providing them with strategies to forge relationships to expand their competencies and empower them to become leaders within their organizations, communities and the CPA profession.

Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)

Founded in 1919, Beta Alpha Psi is an honor organization for financial information students and professionals. There are over 300 chapters on college and university campuses with over 300,000 members initiated since Beta Alpha Psi's formation.

College Texts & Resources Catalog

What better resources to use in your classroom than the ones that CPAs, CFOs, financial professionals and consultants rely on every day for up-to-date information and guidance. AICPA professional materials are filled with real-world knowledge on the industry’s most pressing issues and critical procedures. Introduce AICPA resources into your curriculum and turn your classroom into one that they’ll remember—the classroom that transformed them from students to professionals.


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