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Veterans should consider the following points while deciding on their CPA:

  • If there is not a CPA in your area, consider utilizing a CPA in a neighboring state.  Many CPAs have the ability to assist you through phone calls, emails, and other virtual means.
  • Make sure the CPA you are considering is a member of the appropriate state and national organizations.
  • If you are looking for a specialized CPA, find out if he or she has been awarded the AICPA’s credentials in financial planning (PFS), business valuation (ABV) or technology (CITP).
  • Interview CPA candidates so you can find one who is the right fit for you and your business. Make sure you are comfortable with his or her personality so you can feel confident in building a long-term relationship.

Overall, be sure to consider carefully whether the CPA’s background and expertise are a fit with your business and your goals.

This CPA volunteer directory is a centralized searchable database designed exclusively through the Veteran Fast Launch Initiative for veterans to locate a Certified Public Accountant volunteer.  CPAs must opt-in to have their information included.  Please contact us at to have your information added or updated.

Non-Commercial Use Only.  This directory is intended strictly for veterans in the Veteran Fast Launch Initiative as a method to locate a CPA for the purpose of securing his or her volunteer services, and is not to be used to market products or services to CPAs.  Persons violating this restriction by using this directory to contact a CPA for unsolicited commercial purposes may be subject to legal action.

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