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Use the following resources and information to help you and your firm understand and apply tax laws and stay informed of new developments.

1040 Tax Returns Status

Workflow Technology

Health Care Reform Toolkit

1040 Tax Returns Status:  National Average July Update

Tax Identity Theft Resources

Tax Reform: Then and Now—Exclusive Video

  Compare your 1040 tax returns status reports with this dashboard that provides year over year comparison of key data points as reported by users of XCM’s workflow solution. The AICPA Tax Section has accumulated a number of resources to help practitioners learn more about this issue and advise clients. Will the past predict the future? Hear from Larry Gibbs, IRS Commissioner during the Tax Reform Act of 1986. In this three-part interview, Edward Karl, AICPA VP-Taxation, talks to Gibbs about how the tax reform effort happened, and what we might expect to see play out in today’s tax reform environment in the coming months.

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  Health Care Reform Toolkit

Use this toolkit to help you, your staff and your clients understand the impacts of health care reform. Navigate the changes and identify new service opportunities.

How does your firm cope with workload compression?

Check out these Workload Compression Survey Results!  CPA Firm Management Association (CPAFMA) teamed up with PCPS to survey members of both organizations to identify strategies firms are using to mitigate the impact of seasonality and workload compression.

Tax Practice Management Podcasts (courtesy of the AICPA Tax Section)

  How Workflow Technology Can Transform Your Practice Whitepapers
These straight-forward whitepapers answer key questions such as: what exactly is workflow, how can workflow technology transform my practice and how do I choose a workflow solution.

Tangible Property Regulations (Repair Regs) Guidance and Resources
Visit the AICPA Tax Section for the latest information on the IRS issued final disposition rules for tangible property. In addition, the following webcasts will provide background and updates on this hot topic.

Change is coming: Accounting method changes under the tangible property regulations

What Taxpayers Need to Know to Comply With the Final Tangible Property Regulations

Sec. 179 and the repair regs.

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