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Trusted Client Adviser Toolbox 

No matter your level in the firm, you can become a strategic partner to your clients by translating day-to-day client challenges into consulting opportunities.  The Trusted Client Adviser Toolbox provides a process and tools to assist you in transforming client service and growing your practice.  These tools will help you and your firm:

  • Evaluate existing clients and determine factors that make an ideal client for your firm
  • Ask thought provoking questions that get to the source of what keeps your clients awake at night
  • Identify and prioritize client concerns and engagements
  • Present ideas internally and gain leadership buy-in
  • Understand, articulate and price value  and overcome price objections
  • Gain client feedback and improve firm processes

Access these tools by using the below image and clicking on each step in the process.

The Workshop

Trusted client adviser

Trusted Client Adviser Workshop

Learn how to best utilize the above tools by signing up for the Trusted Client Adviser Workshop!  Facilitated by practitioners currently implementing the process in their own firms, the workshop includes a combination of live presentation, video, workbook and role plays that provide practical guidance and real-life examples on how to implement this service model.  In addition to outlining the above process, tools and topics, the workshop also covers current professional trends, preparing for and conducting an initial client consultation and client proposal meeting, and enhancing firm unity.  Sign up for the workshop and join this emerging group of professionals who are taking the initiative to better serve their clients and grow their firms!

One Workshop. Two Audiences.

Firm Owners Presented in conjunction with state societies, this workshop is available for sole owners and small firms ready to better client service and enhance firm growth through advisory services. Check this course listing and if your state society isn’t listed, contact them to see if they’ll add to their calendar!

Staff Available for purchase by firms with 10 or more professionals, this workshop is available for firms wanting to motivate future leaders, enhance firm growth through advisory services and improve firm atmosphere and cohesion. Call 1-800-634-6780 (option 1) or email for more information on firm pricing and note that PCPS members receive a 20% discount.

Year-Round Support

Not only will your clients begin to receive year-round support as you make this transition, but you will too! With your workshop attendance, you’ll join a dynamic community of new and emerging Trusted Client Advisers for support and advice throughout the year. Workshop experience includes invitation to the Trusted Client Adviser Alumni Group on LinkedIn. Use this group as a forum for your questions and interactions with peers.


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