Trusted Business Advisor

    Trusted Business Advisor 2.0 Toolbox 

    Earn your clients’ trust, enhance your unique value and grow your practice by looking beyond core accounting services and become your clients’ strategic partner! This customizable toolbox and additional resources expands upon the concepts offered in the Trusted Business AdvisorSM 2.0 workshop and will support you in this process for creating and maintaining your status as a Trusted Business Advisor to your clients. Click on each step in the process to access the associated tools. 


    Additional Resources

    Trusted Business Advisor 2.0

    Sign up for the Trusted Business AdvisorSM 2.0 workshop today! 
    Hear practitioner testimonials on what it means to be a Trusted Business Advisor and consider joining this emerging group of CPAs who are taking the initiative to become a Trusted Business Advisor to their clients. State societies are providing this eight hour CPE eligible workshop to practitioners wanting to better understand the Trusted Business Advisor process. Receive practical guidance on how to successfully implement these ideas and supporting tools into your firm and to transform the way you help your clients.

    Trusted Business Advisor LinkedIn Group

    Trusted Business Advisor Alumni Group
    Trusted Business Advisor workshop alumni are invited to join this LinkedIn group!  This group is designed for the busy CPA who is looking for practical tips and tools to strengthen their role as a Trusted Business Advisor upon completion of this course.  The 60 Second Advisor will provide weekly posts to the group which will contain timely and practical tips, tools, and insight that can easily be put to use in today’s competitive professional environment. 

    TBA Quarterly Coaching Calls 

    Quarterly Coaching Calls
    Trusted Business Advisor workshop facilitators will be offering quarterly interactive coaching calls to workshop participants with quick reminders and helpful advice to keep you motivated and assist you in the successful transition of becoming your clients’ most Trusted Business Advisor. Facilitators will also be available for any questions that you may have.  Don’t miss the next quarterly coaching call!  Click on the date below to sign up:

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    Review these insightful articles discussing opportunities and ideas on ways to leverage and embrace your Trusted Business Advisor role. 

    YOU Are the Value Workshop

    YOU Are the Value Workshop
    In an effort to become your clients’ Trusted Business Advisor, consider accessing this online workshop to acquire ways to better understand your worth, differentiate yourself, and confidently present your value to clients in a unique fashion.
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