Super Charge Cross-Selling

    Super-charge Cross Selling 

    Opportunities ahead! Use these tools to discover and explore the hidden engagements that are waiting in your current client base. 

    Trusted Business AdvisorSM 2.0 Toolbox

    Grow your practice by looking beyond core accounting services. Our customizable toolbox and additional resources expand upon the concepts offered in the Trusted Business AdvisorSM 2.0 Workshop. Create and maintain your status as a Trusted Business Advisor to your clients. 


    Trusted Business AdvisorSM 2.0 Workshop

    Sign up and join this emerging group of CPAs and receive practical guidance on how to successfully implement these ideas and supporting tools into your firm and to transform the way you help your clients. 

    Mining Client Data for Cross-Selling

    Grow faster than your competitors by employing the 3x3x3 cross-selling techniques in your practice.

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