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    Accelerate Practice Development and Fuel Sales 

    From prospecting to pricing to productivity – put these resources to use in driving your firm’s performance. 

    From Opportunity to New Client

    Pursue opportunities efficiently and effectively. Gain clients that increase revenues and expand your technical expertise. Provide opportunities to develop people with more complex and interesting work, and raise the visibility and stature of the firm. 


    Pricing & Profitability

    Tired of getting beat up on fees? Take charge of billable time with these resources, and say goodbye to hourly billing as you embrace and implement value pricing in your firm. 

    Marketing & Sales Roles

    A complement to the broader Firm Competency Model in our Human Capital Center, this guide focuses exclusively on business development roles. Learn who to hire - and when - as the scope of your practice increases.

    Virtual Marketing Conference

    Hear sessions from the 2012 Practitioners Symposium and TECH+ Conference, in partnership with the Association for Accounting Marketing Summit. Listen to these archived recordings hosted by marketing experts inside and outside the profession.

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