Small Firms 

    According to the most recent PCPS CPA Firm Top Issues Survey, current small firm challenges include keeping up with changes and complexity of tax laws, succession planning, finding qualified staff at all levels, bringing in new clients and seasonality/workload compression.  

    Get help quick by contacting us directly at or 1-800-CPA-FIRM. Lean on PCPS to sort through the complexities of the profession and support you on the issues that significantly impact your practice and your clients. With turn-key tools specifically designed for the small firm, we are ready to help you.

    Highlighted Resources

    Strategy & Planning

    Strategic planning often takes a back seat to client workload.  However, proper planning is the foundation for growth and sustainability.  Take advantage of these customizable tools to plot your firm’s direction.

    Visit the Strategy & Planning page for all tools and resources. 

    Practice Growth & Client Service

    Explore new service opportunities, strengthen client relationships, communicate your value and show how your practice is unique with these turn-key solutions.

    Visit the Practice Growth & Client Service page for all tools and resources.

    Human Capital Center (HR Resources)

    Whether you currently have staff or are hiring for the first time, this information and customizable templates and tools will assist you in the process of managing and developing your people.

    Visit the Human Capital Center page for all tools and resources.

    Technical: Quality & Services Delivery

    Keep up with tax changes, accounting and auditing standards, educate staff and deliver these services to your clients at the highest quality.

    Visit the Technical: Quality & Services Delivery page for all tools and resources. 

    Financial & Administrative Services

    Maximize your performance through effective financial and administrative operations by determining sound management policies and analyzing the financial metrics in your practice.

    Visit the Financial & Administrative Services page for all tools and resources. 

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