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    At PCPS, we regularly add tools and resources to keep your firm running smoothly.  Check this page often to see what’s new and what tools other PCPS member firms are using most.

    Comfort Letters

    Center for Plain Englisg Accounting

    PCPS Member

    Comfort Letters & Third-Party Verifications Center for Plain English Accounting Find Out More about the PCPS Team
    CPAs are being asked to verify more and more types of information. A CPA may unintentionally violate professional standards by signing these requests so it is very important that you know what you’re being asked to certify, what the risks are and other options you may have. CPEA is the AICPA’s national A&A resource center, available exclusively to PCPS members. Through reports, alerts, webinars, and conference sessions, CPEA professional staff provide A&A support by describing “how to do” what you “need to do” in implementing the authoritative literature.  The PCPS team shares our backgrounds to provide our various frames of reference in our work with you and your firm.
    Top Resources

    PCPS Top Resources

    These are some of the Top Resources as chosen by your PCPS peers.  Have you used the hottest tools yet?

    • Small Firm Strategy and Planning - Use these tools developed by Boomer Consulting to create a one page strategic plan that will help you guide your firm with focus and accountability.
    • Healthcare Reform Toolkit - The Affordable Care Act continues to be a hot topic, and CPAs are looking for ways to help their clients with it's implications.  The Health Care Reform Toolkit includes a strategy checklist, customizable brochures and PowerPoints to help you inform individual and business clients.
    • PCPS News and Publications - PCPS has several online publications to provide news, explore hot topics and developments related to practicing CPAs in firms of varying sizes. Check out the Practicing CPA for practitioner perspectives by firm size with an "in the trenches" look at firm issues. 
    • PCPS Discounts - Did you know you and your firm can save money on conferences, webcasts and publications?
    • Client Disengagement Letter - A key component in managing your firm is evaluating your clients.  Use the resources PCPS provides to help you determine if you’ve got the right mix of clients and to properly manage the termination of a client when needed. 
    Additional Resources

    Find a Mentor

    Find a Mentor among the PCPS Executive Committee Mentors
    As the governing body of the PCPS, the Executive Committee serves as a conduit between PCPS/AICPA staff and current practitioners on professional and technical issues. With the new peer-to-peer mentor listing you can connect with professionals who are currently practicing in the public accounting field. As PCPS Executive Committee members, they also have in-depth knowledge of the tools and resources available through PCPS as well as the advocacy efforts that PCPS supports on your behalf. If you have specific questions or comments, take advantage of this opportunity and get in contact with one of these professionals based on your firm size to ask for advice, share wisdom and expertise, and collaborate together.


     Roadmap to the Practice Growth & Client Service Resource Center

    Your Roadmap to the Practice Growth & Client Service Resource Center
    CPA firms of all sizes are focused on retaining and attracting new clients and PCPS has many resources available to help you. This new roadmap outlines paths for you to consider and highlights the tools and resources you can use along the way. Rev your firm's growth engine and add these tools to your practice growth and client service toolbox.


    Firm of the future

    Becoming the Firm of the Future
    Are you ready to seize the opportunities that await firms in a changing marketplace? This new whitepaper offers an analysis of some critical challenges and recommendations on how to seize the opportunities and identify obsolete business practices.



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