Exclusive PCPS discounted CPE  

    Welcome PCPS member! The AICPA’s Private Companies Practice Section wants to help you prepare for every twist and turn in the road ahead. Your membership to PCPS allows you access to an array of valuable information and resources.

    You are just one step away from accessing a $55 discount code for CPE and other valuable AICPA events and products, but first, you must activate your PCPS membership. There are two ways to activate:

    1. Scan the firm-specific QR code located on the pens you received in the PCPS Power Up kit sent to you recently.
    2. Request your firm’s specific URL via email. Someone from the PCPS team will get back to you right away with the URL and information on activation.

    Once your PCPS membership is activated, you may access this member exclusive webpage and take advantage of the $55 discount code to help you and your practice operate at peak performance.

    Be sure to share your firm’s specific URL and the discount code page with others in your practice so all staff can gain access to PCPS’s resources and tools and get a $55 discount on select AICPA CPE and events.

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