Reinforce your Brand with Social Media 

by Eric Majchrzak and Heather Murray 

Since its inception in 1990, BeachFleischman has built a brand focused on the power of collaboration. Traditionally, clients experienced that brand in person through one on one interactions with our staff. The advancement and prominence of social media has given us the opportunity to reinforce our brand and replicate that experience in the digital space. While our primary goal is to elevate brand presence and awareness, this strategy also allows us to attract prospects and retain clients, engage staff, expand our footprint in the Phoenix market, help define industry segment structure and spotlight professionals/firm accomplishments.

Our social strategy is a hub and spoke model. We have an optimized interactive website and blog which acts as our hub for discussing issues and providing education. The other social media platforms that we use are the spokes that serve to reinforce and redirect back to the hub. We utilize a number of social media outlets and tools, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, ClearView Social, Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Marketing and Google Analytics. We also recently made a YouTube channel and expect to be using that outlet to help in branding our firm. We want to generate interest and conversation, and most posts that are appearing on these “spokes” point back to the website where there’s something of value to be offered, whether that is an article on our blog, checklist, or invite to a seminar.

Expanding Awareness and Creating Valuable Content
Staying true to our social media strategy allows us to increase our brand awareness and presence in a couple of different ways. First, it helps us expand beyond our geography and into different markets. We have a growing office in Phoenix, which is a huge city. Through social media, we can increase and highlight our involvement with local organizations or post area specific content. This type of social media activity is also beneficial from a search engine optimization (SEO) standpoint. Google’s algorithm depends heavily on social signals. Putting out more area specific content through our various social media platforms can help our firm rank higher on Google for local searches.

We get a lot of local inquiries because our social activities are market specific. This translates into an increase of leads, proposal opportunities and revenue. Recently, our efforts have been geared toward the release of a statewide survey of CFOs that we have created. This is an issues based survey and addresses all aspects of business including recruitment and retention, technology, access to capital, and regulatory environment. We promoted this survey heavily on the front end, reaching out to CFOs across the state and encouraging them to participate. In addition to an online survey, we also conducted phone interviews with a number of participants. Overall participation was so strong that we were actually able to issue industry specific results that also align with our internal practice areas. The survey is an extremely valuable piece of content that is generating data for our internal industry groups and allowing the participants to engage with our firm and brand in a different way. Hosting the survey on our website also gives participants another doorway to the community we’ve created on our main hub.

Don’t Forget to Focus on Relationships
There is no question that a strong social media presence will benefit your firm from a quantitative standpoint. However, it’s also important to remember that the foundation of social media is building relationships. If measuring the ROI of social media, you’re essentially attempting to put a metric on a relationship. Remember that social media is just a communication vehicle and should also be considered from a qualitative perspective. Don’t lose sight of building one-on-one relationships using these platforms.

We feel that social media should be treated as an integrated and holistic approach to recreating the brand experience online. No one channel will accomplish everything, but when you combine them all and have a distinct framework to go by, it can be really impactful. A strong social media strategy will lead to higher level of growth and success for your firm.

BeachFleischman PC is a large firm with offices in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ. Eric Majchrzak is a Shareholder and the Chief Marketing Officer. Heather Murray is the firm’s marketing manager.


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