Positioning the Profession for the Future 

by Melissa Hooley, CPA, CGMA 

This profession never ceases to amaze me. Every day, CPAs juggle the complexities of serving a multitude of client needs—often while managing the strategic direction of a practice—knowing full well that regulations, standards or even just the business environment in general could be completely different tomorrow. As challenging as that can be, the CPA’s I know are incredibly passionate about the work we do.

My firm, Anton Collins Mitchell LLP (ACM), is a full-service accounting firm serving the Rocky Mountain region, consisting of 31 partners and directors and 140 employees. To stay ahead, we strive to be entrepreneurs and innovators. Our forward thinking enables us to exceed expectations, deliver outstanding results and grow. It’s essential to our success.

This isn’t unique to ACM. The CPA profession is proactive, innovative and forward looking in order to be prepared for what firms and clients will need to be successful over the next 5 to 20 years. The AICPA supports that outlook by assessing the trends and technologies that will affect firms and their clients now and in the future, and developing services so that CPAs can be more relevant.   This is also the foundation of the AICPA’s current proposal out for member approval.

ACM Supports the AICPA’s Proposal
The AICPA and The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) are proposing to create a new accounting association that represents the entire accounting profession, while preserving the membership bodies of both organizations.

My firm supports the proposal because it helps the profession respond to the changes that CPAs are seeing in the market, from firms’ and clients’ expansion into international markets, to businesses’ increasing need to modernize core services to meet increasing demand. In addition, it will give us a combined voice of 600,000 current and next generation accounting professionals to complement our firm’s advocacy efforts.

We Need Expanded Advocacy
More frequently, ACM is serving clients with international interests. To meet their needs, we must remain alert to what’s happening internationally that could impact their businesses. The AICPA’s proposal will help us to meet those needs. Having this international footprint will expand our ability to advocate on behalf of our clients doing business domestically as well as overseas. It will provide a stronger platform to defend against unnecessary regulations, many of which are increasingly introduced at the international level which then need to be considered for adoption in the U.S. 

At ACM, we’re encouraging our professional staff to review the proposal and vote “yes” before the end of the voting period on June 16. I hope you will encourage your staff to do the same.

To learn more, visit aicpa.org/horizons.

Anton Collins Mitchell LLP serves the Rocky Mountain region with offices in Boulder, Denver, Northern Colorado and Laramie, WY.


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