25 Ideas to Stay Relevant 

Published January 20, 2016

“In order to stay relevant, you have to stay open to new trends and keep educating yourself. You have to keep evolving.’’  -Natalie Massenet

If you watch iconic individuals and brands you will notice their knack for staying relevant. Tony Bennet released one of his most successful music recordings, Duets in conjunction with his 80th birthday. Queen Elizabeth II, age 89, is more popular than ever as she recently became the longest British monarch and Warren Buffet, who made 99 percent of his wealth after age 50, purchased his first stock in 1941.  

What an important lesson for practitioners in 2016. No, change is never easy. But the good news is that you can make little tweaks along the way to help you to stay relevant today. It’s all about being on the lookout for new trends and finding ways to fill gaps that need filling. That starts with a willingness to change.

Here are 25 ideas to consider: 
  1. Find a new project to collaborate on
  2. Follow new people on Twitter
  3. Read more
  4. Attend a new event
  5. Serve on a new committee
  6. Read what’s trending in other leading industries on LinkedIn
  7. Be a Mentor
  8. Get a Gentor – someone you admire that is younger
  9. Eat lunch with new people regularly – colleagues, recruits, referral sources, clients, prospects
  10. Do coffee with new folks, too  
  11. Subscribe to new publications
  12. Change your workout routine
  13. Attend a function with a client
  14. Take a younger associate to a networking event
  15. Listen to a different radio station
  16. Implement a new technology
  17. Go to a new conference or seminar
  18. Sit with new people at regular gatherings
  19. Spend more time with clients
  20. Spend more time with referrals
  21. Start conversations with new recruits 
  22. Open dialogues with potential clients
  23. Be curious - ask more questions
  24. Listen to what is being said and what isn’t
  25. Learn what’s important to those around you

Here’s to staying relevant!

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