Firm Spotlight - TRP CPAs, PLLC 

Published January 20, 2016

Medium firm with offices in Fayetteville, Dunn and Sanford, NC
PCPS Member Since 2004
Kelly D. Puryear, CPA, CGMA

Multiple Locations with a Single Office Mentality
TRP CPAs, PLLC was started in 1972 by two CPAs  who had previously  worked with national firms. They joined forces to serve clients on a local level and formed our Fayetteville office. I joined the firm in 1982 and at that time there were five employees, including the partners. Since then, we have been through seven acquisitions and now have three office locations, seven partners and approximately 26 employees.

Our firm is dedicated to growth and, as we continue to develop, it is critical that we maintain the quality of our client service. Though we have multiple locations, all of our offices have the technical capability to function as a single office. In fact, we are able to provide a higher level of service because we have the IT infrastructure and quality control systems in place to meet client needs by utilizing personnel in various locations. Our partners and team members have developed their own niche expertise and these systems allow us to efficiently provide that expertise to any client in our footprint. Our ‘single office’ structure enables us to match our team expertise for every client, regardless of location.

Efficient and Seamless Client Service
Having a unified system throughout all of our locations also greatly increases our firm’s efficiency. We have utilized this idea for years, but advances in technology make it even easier for all locations to operate as one. We have recently switched to cloud based tax preparation and workflow software which has greatly enhanced our single office concept. These systems make it simple to distribute our workload more evenly and allow us to assign personnel to engagements based on qualifications and availability rather than location. If one office is swamped, we are easily able to assign projects to available team members and maintain timely delivery of the finished product.

Included in our one office concept is what we call ‘pooling,’ which concentrates certain functions into teams. Pooling allows for a more efficient delivery of services. For example, we use interns to prepare our simple 1040s for the entire firm.  Those interns are all located in our Dunn office and are supervised and trained by one person.  Our systems electronically transmit client data between preparers and reviewers.  We have reviewers located in each of our three locations, so while these returns are prepared in Dunn, they can be reviewed and delivered at any office. 

Why We Joined PCPS
I first learned about PCPS by attending the AICPA Practitioner’s Symposium and Tech+ Conference and hearing Bill Reeb, CPA.CITP, CGMA, of the Succession Institute, speak on the essentials of managing a successful accounting firm.  During his session, he mentioned the value of PCPS and inspired us to join. We immediately began utilizing the resources to structure our firm management processes and develop the vision of what we wanted our firm to become. Since then, the number of resources and tools available through PCPS has grown exponentially and continues to increase.

The most valuable PCPS resource has been participating in the Medium Firm Networking Group.  We joined the group eight years ago after seeing an advertisement in an AICPA communication and it is the best decision we have made for our firm. There is no way to calculate the value we have derived from our relationship with this group. Networking groups allow immediate access to the opinion and counsel of highly intelligent peers across the country. The meetings occur twice a year and are focused on relevant practice management issues that are chosen by the group. The innovative ideas and best practices that come from these meetings enable us to continually improve our firm.  There is no doubt in my mind that we would not be as large, or as profitable, if we were not members of the PCPS Medium Firm Networking Group.


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