Firm Spotlight - Brady Martz & Associates, P.C. 

Brady Martz & Associates, P.C.

Brady Martz & Associates, P.C.
Large Firm in North Dakota and Minnesota
PCPS Member Since 1982

Brady Martz is a large accounting firm offering accounting, auditing, tax and consulting services.  Shareholders are very involved in client service which allows for great interaction with staff and creates a team environment.  The firm believes clients deserve to work with professionals who understand their business and the industry in which it operates.  The firm has four offices in North Dakota, which is in the middle of an oil and gas boom.  In fact, its Dickinson office is in the heart of oil country, so the firm has established itself as an expert in that industry to truly understand clients.  And there are definitely unique clients in the niche!  Some of the related businesses or individuals that the firm serves include trucking companies that specialize in hot oil units (equipment that circulate hot fluid into a well or reservoir), land men (those involved in negotiations for oil and gas properties) and roustabouts (oil field workers).  The firm’s specialization in the oil industry certainly adds value to their practice and promotes trust in their relationship with these types of clients.

Handy PCPS Tools
A shareholder in Brady Martz recently told Judy Streifel-Reller, “We don’t use PCPS as much as we should.” But Streifel-Reller, the Director of Learning & Development at Brady Martz, had already learned that lesson the hard way.  Not long after joining the firm, she had dinner with an AICPA PCPS team member who urged her to investigate the many member benefits available to her firm, especially those in thePCPS Human Capital Center.  She thought it sounded like a great idea, but didn’t initially make the time to look into the available resources. Fast forward one year, when Streifel-Reller was completing a monumental project on learning ladders and decided to call the PCPS team member for advice.  “It turned out that I had recreated the wheel,” she laughs.  “Everything we had done was already available on the PCPS site!”

Understandably, Streifel-Reller now turns to the website regularly.  “I feel like a kid in a candy store,” she says, “with all the tools for firms of all sizes and all stages of learning and development.”  She’s particularly pleased to be able to use the PCPS resources as templates and modify them to fit her firm’s needs.  “The one tool I use as designed is the assimilation form,” which she has renamed the “new hire check-in form.”  She uses it to gather information from recent hires at various intervals of their first six months at the firm.  “This PCPS template has provided many insights about improvements we could or have made in our onboarding process.”  In addition, she circulates these insights to shareholders across the firm to give them a glimpse of the attitudes of new staff members.

She also insists that the PCPS Human Capital Networking Group is “worth its weight in gold.”  As a group member, she participates in quarterly calls in which HR professionals share information and ideas.  “I always prepare at least five questions and I’m anxious for my turn to   ask them.  Until just recently, I was the only human capital professional, so this networking group provides a team of peers for me.”  They have been an important element of the learning and development success at Brady Martz. 

It’s All about Team Spirit
Although each office has its own culture and approach to fun, sports are an important part of the mix at Brady Martz.  One location has had a softball team for about 10 years and in the recent past a women’s sand volleyball team called “Brady’s Ladies” was created.  In addition, there is a bowling party in one office on the first Saturday of busy season and another office is involved in geocaching, a treasure-hunting game that uses GPS-enabled devices.  The firm also organizes tailgating events at university football games and rents a suite at the collegiate hockey arena.  These types of fun activities boost morale and help retain great staff members.


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