Organizational Structure & Governance

Organizational Structure & Governance 

The CPA firm organizational structure can take many forms. This section will help you form your firm's organization with sample information and tools.


Organizational Structure & Governance Learning

The Role of a Firm Administrator - A guide to hiring, developing, and effectively utilizing this key person in a CPA firm.

The AICPA Management of an Accounting Practice (MAP) Handbook is a great resource for all of your CPA Firm administrative needs. Chapter 103, "Organization Assignment and Responsibilities," provides information on establishing your firm's organizational structure. This chapter was excerpted from the AICPA MAP Handbook ©AICPA for this section.

The AICPA MAP Handbook is available online through the AICPA’s Online Professional Library.


Organizational Structure & Governance Tools Make use of the practical tools provided in this section to help every member of your team.

CPA Firm Management Association (CPAFMA) - PCPS has a close and ongoing alliance with this organization for Firm Administrators and other professionals managing accounting practices.

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