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    As one of the key employees with their fingers on the pulse of the firm, Firm Administrators work hard to insure the partners and employees work in relative ease, unaware of the efforts behind the scenes that allow them to do their jobs seamlessly.

    National MAP Survey

    Moving Guide

    Firm Administrator Role

    2014 PCPS/TSCPA National MAP Survey Moving Guide To Whom Shall We Turn
     National, regional and firm size reports of the nation's largest practice management benchmarking survey are now available. This comprehensive moving guide will assist professionals managing CPA firms in making sound decisions regarding planning their expansion, contraction and relocation, communicating decisions to staff and clients. This guide defines the roles of Firm Administrator, Director of Operations, and Office Manager and also provides strategic information as to hiring, developing and effectively utilizing these key positions in a CPA firm.
    Highlighted Resources
    Firm Administrators are responsible for many areas of expertise within the firm. These links will provide direction to some of the tools on the PCPS website you will find most useful.

    Human Capital

    Human Capital Center

    All things related Human Resource Management, from Organizational Structure and Governance to Team Recruitment to Employee Retention and everything in between.

    Horizon Toolkit

    PCPS CPA Horizons 2025 Toolkit

    Co-developed by the Business Learning Institute and Sounding Board In, the Horizons 2025 workshop can be used to develop a long term strategic plan that can help to keep partners on track.

    Strategy and Planning

    Strategic planning is the foundation for growth and sustainability.  Be the leader in helping the firm achieve short-term and long-term goals with these tools and solutions for practice management.

    • Beyond the Garden: Developing Your Leaders
      September 25, 2014, 2:00-3:00 PM ET 
      Cheryl Burke leads this timely webcast that explores leadership development. Many of our entry level staff come in as leaders. They have been on sports teams, debate teams etc. and have likely played a leadership role. That's why we hire them! Learn how to keep them developing as leaders once they join your firm. This session will give you some ideas on how to keep growing your staff all the way to partner. 
    • Nuts and Bolts of Mergers and Acquisitions
      October 29, 2014 3:00-4:00 PM ET
      This PCPS webcast, led by Jim Metzler, will educate new and emerging partners on the why, who and how of mergers and acquisitions. Opportunities and challenges for the new and emerging partner will also be discussed. .
    • Disaster Recovery Basics -10 Simple Steps to Recover from any Interruption
      November 12, 2014 2:00-3:00 PM ET
      Registration link and more information coming soon!

    Best Practices

    Best Practices

    These articles, written with input from top performing Firm Administrators provide insight into common problems faced by Firm Administrators. 

    Deeper Dive

    Deeper Dive

    The Association for Accounting Administration is the home for Firm Administrators. 
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