PCPS Executive Committee 

    As the governing body of the PCPS, the Executive Committee steers programs to help improve the quality of services and operating success of PCPS member firms. It serves as a formidable conduit between PCPS/AICPA staff and current practitioners on professional and technical issues.

    George Willie, CPA, PFF, CGFM - Chair
    Bert Smith & Co. (Large Firm)  
    Karen Kerber, CPA, CITP, CGMA
    Kerber, Rose & Associates, S.C. ( Large Firm)
    Dirk L. Edwards, CPA, JD, MBA, PFS - PFP Liaison
    Edwards Consulting, LLC
    Joel Olbricht, CPA
    Olbricht Storniolo Group (Small Firm) 
     Chris Farmand, CPA, CITP
    Chris Farmand + Company (Small Firm)
    Jacquelyn H. Tracy, CPA, CGMA
    Mandel & Tracy, LLC (Small Firm)
    Charles P. Fredrick, CPA
    FredrickZink & Associates, CPAs (Small Firm)
    Alexandra B. Kessler, CPA, CGMA
    Aronson LLC (Large Firm) 
    James Walker, CPA
    Cherry Bekaert LLP (Large Firm)
    Scot Phillips, CPA
    Eide Bailly, LLP (Large Firm) 
    F. Carter Heim, CPA, CFF, CGMA, MST
    HeimLantz (Medium Firm)

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