PCPS Team Members 

The AICPA has formed an energetic team to carry out the PCPS mission. These employees represent various areas of expertise, including firm ownership, technical, developmental, and administrative roles, from public accounting firms of all sizes. The team draws on a long history of experience inside the AICPA and among various state societies and is here to serve the PCPS membership. Feel free to contact any member of the PCPS team with questions or comments.

Get to know the Center for Plain English Accounting (CPEA) Professional Staff

Koziel   Mark Koziel, CPA, CGMA

Executive Vice President, Firm Services

Mark.Koziel@aicpa-cima.com | 919.402.4808

Mark leads the Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS), Firm Relationship Management, Small Firms, Diversity & Inclusion, Young Member Initiatives, Technical Hotline and Center for Plain English Accounting. His teams build and manage firm relations with all size firms, promoting awareness and value, including advocating for CPA firm success and ongoing relationships with public accounting influencers. His team creates innovative programs and engagement strategies to engage a diverse pipeline of current and future CPAs. He frequently speaks on CPA issues around the United States.

  Carl Peterson, CPA, CGMA

Association of International Certified Professional Accountants Vice President Small Firms

Carl.Peterson@aicpa-cima.com | 651.341.6377

Carl serves as the small firm advocate and representative for the profession.  In this capacity, he meets with small CPA firms regularly to understand their issues and represent these firms from an advocacy and firm development perspective. Peterson serves as the voice of small firms within the AICPA on standard-setting, regulatory and small business issues. He is responsible for ensuring AICPA initiatives continue to meet the needs of small firms.
    Lisa Simpson, CPA, CGMA

Associate Director - Firm Services

Lisa.Simpson@aicpa-cima.com | 919.402.2313

Lisa leads the PCPS team, initiatives and resource development and is the liaison for the PCPS Executive Committee. She also works with the Major Firms Group and G400.

Ferguson   Lindsey Curley, CPA, CGMA

Senior Technical Manager, Firm Services

Lindsey.Curley@aicpa-cima.com | 919.402.4658

Lindsey leads PCPS communications, the PCPS Forum, Trusted Client Advisor Workshop and related resources, and the Firm inMotion e-Toolkit. She also works with the Major Firms Group and the PCPS Executive Committee.

  Jason Deshayes, CPA, CGMA

Senior Technical Manager – Firm Services G400

Jason.Deshayes@aicpa-cima.com | 919.402.4034

Jason is the Senior Technical Manager – G400 for the AICPA.  In addition to his involvement with the G400 initiative, Jason works on succession, emerging partner resources for PCPS as well as liaising with PCPS networking groups.
    Kari Hipsak, CPA, CGMA

Manager, Firm Services

Kari.Hipsak@aicpa-cima.com | 919.402.4177

Kari leads PCPS resource creation for accounting and auditing emerging issues. She also manages peer review resources and cybersecurity resources, acts as the TIC liaison, and maintains the AICPA alliance with firm associations.
  Shelly Guzzetta, CPA

Manager, Firm Services

Shelly.Guzzeta@aicpa-cima.com | 919.402.4978

Shelly leads the PCPS Human Capital Center, a resource to support members with staffing issues, and manages practice growth guidance. She also oversees the PCPS survey projects, including Top Issues, National MAP Benchmarking, CPA Firm Succession, and Top Talent Surveys.
Regis   Karen Regis

Associate Manager, Firm Services

Karen.Regis@aicpa-cima.com | 919.402.4821

Karen manages member information. She also leads the development of PCPS webcasts and provides PCPS conference support.
  Ashleigh Lambert

Associate Manager, Firm Services

Ashleigh.Lambert@aicpa-cima.com | 919.402.4525

Ashleigh interviews practitioners and writes articles for PCPS communications and coordinates PCPS Networking Groups. She also leads all website administration for PCPS and CPEA and coordinates all PCPS multimedia efforts.

Eric Harrell

Lead Coordinator, Firm Services

Eric.Harrell@aicpa-cima.com | 919.402.4123

Eric answers member inquiries through the PCPS hotline, leads the planning of the team's conference and tradeshow attendances, and provides support for the PCPS and Women's Initiatives teams. 

    Pranitha Ramlakan

Lead Coordinator, Firm Services

Pranitha.Ramlakan@aicpa-cima.com | 919.402.4491

Pranitha answers member inquiries through the PCPS inbox, coordinates all PCPS, CPEA, and WIEC meetings and provides support for the PCPS and CPEA teams.

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