Types of Business Models 

    Choose the business model that best fits you or your firm for a detailed description and information on structure, implementation, registration and compliance considerations.

     Securities Advice for Compensation
    Investment Adviser
    My firm provides investment advice for compensation but does not sell securities products to clients.
    Investment Adviser Representative
    I am associated with a firm that provides investment advice but does not  sell security products to clients. 
    My firm is licensed to buy/sell securities to/for clients.
    Registered Representative
    I have a business relationship with a broker-dealer firm and recommend to clients which securities to buy/sell.
     Referral Arrangements
    I refer clients to other financial professionals and may or may not receive a referral fee.
     Other Advisory Activities
    Portfolio Manager
    I design and manage portfolios for clients.
    Financial Analyst
    I make recommendations to buy, sell or hold a security based on my analysis.
    Compensation Models 
     for Financial Advisers

    I provide financial advice for compensation, perhaps including the sale of products.

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