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    Resources - Personal Financial Planning 

    The Personal Financial Planning Center helps members to meet the challenges of this emerging service by providing comprehensive tools and access to the latest information in the field, so members can deliver quality financial planning services to their clients.



    Forefield Advisor 

    Go to Forfield Advisor

    Forefield Advisor is a Web-Based business development, education and client communication tool that enables personal financial planning professionals to deliver current and concise advise to clients. Resources are continuously updated to reflect current legislation and industry trends.

    All of the resources can be searched with a Google-like search engine and they are also organized by 17 life events and 10 financial goals. You can choose from any of the 3,000 resources to compile the presentations that uniquely fit your client’s needs.


    PFP Practice Center 

    Go to the PFP Practice Center

    The AICPA’s PFP membership section brings you resources to start or grow your business to cover your client’s personal financial planning needs that are in higher demand than ever before. 
    • Has your firm struggled with how to efficiently add or expand into personal financial planning or wealth management services? 
    • Are you concerned that you will lose some of your clients to a firm who is offering traditional CPA services and personal financial planning? 
    • Is it difficult to answer your clients’ questions efficiently in this area? 
    • Do your partners not understand the value that adding these services can bring to your business?  

    If any of the above questions resonate with you, the PFP Practice Center can help.


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    Fox Financial Planning Network for CPAs

    Overview A new program designed for the CPA practitioner to help you systematize and organize the planning process, administration and delivery of your financial planning or wealth management services.
    Published on July 30, 2014

    PFP Practice Center

    Overview Resources to start or grow your business to cover your clients' personal financial planning needs.
    Published on July 30, 2014

    The Technological Components of a Successful PFP Practice

    Overview Because personal financial planning firms vary greatly in size and in their business approach, it is important to understand that there is no "one size fits all" technology solution.
    Published on July 30, 2014

    Young & Emerging CPA Financial Planners

    Overview Learn why a career as a CPA financial planner or Personal Financial Specialist may be right for you!
    Published on July 30, 2014

    Practice Management Study Results, Tools and Resources

    Overview Access practice guides, past web seminar recordings and marketing toolkits and white papers on organizational structure, staffing, succession planning and work/life balance.
    Published on July 30, 2014

    Professional Responsibilities

    Overview An overview of the professional responsibilities and standards associated with personal financial planning services.
    Published on July 30, 2014


    Overview Welcome to the Regulatory section of the PFP Practice Center. As a personal financial planner, you face a confusing array of compliance guidelines. Here you will find valuable information on: Determining when you cross the
    Published on July 30, 2014

    Risk Tolerance and Assessment

    Overview Use the resources below to assist you in assessing the risk tolerance for your clientele.
    Published on July 23, 2014

    Be in Demand Becoming a CPA Financial Planner

    Article Young CPA's are entering the market looking for objective advice, guidance and direction. This article outlines how to position themselves to be in demand in a changing environment.
    Published on July 23, 2014

    PFP Emerging Professionals Outreach Toolkit

    Toolkit These resources will help CPA financial planners initiate communication with universities and state societies and prepare for and execute an outreach event to future CPAs.
    Published on July 21, 2014

    Young and Emerging Financial Planners Frequently Asked Questions

    FAQ A career as a CPA financial planner or Personal Financial Specialist may be right for you!  Here, you will find answers to some commonly asked questions about this unique career!
    Published on July 21, 2014

    Tax Planning

    Overview Find out more about the tax planning services you can offer to provide peace of mind for your clients.
    Published on July 18, 2014

    Tax Season Resources

    Overview Obtain access to Personal Financial Planning Section resources that relate to tax planning.
    Published on July 16, 2014

    Fiduciary Standard of Care

    Overview Learn about the elements needed to be deemed a fiduciary.
    Published on July 16, 2014

    Other Regulatory Resources

    Link In addition to the information in the PFP Practice Center on registration and compliance issues for financial advisers, consider these other useful resources.
    Published on July 16, 2014

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