AICPA/Moss Adams CPA Financial Planner Practice Study 


    The AICPA/Moss Adams LLP CPA Financial Planner Practice Study officially closed on November 15 th. Participation in the survey was tremendous, and the PFP Specialty Area and Moss Adams are looking forward to presenting a preview of survey results at the AICPA Personal Financial Planning Conference in Las Vegas, January 20-23, 2008.

    The survey, which fielded from October 11 th to November 15 th, 2007, is the first joint survey of CPA financial planning and investment advisory practices.  This study will address performance and other operational characteristics in the CPA/advisory industry and will identify industry trends and practices of the most successful firms. The survey, the results of which will be summarized in a comprehensive Study Report, aims to evaluate the following topics:

    · The economics of CPA financial planning and investment advisory practices: The report will analyze recent growth trends, expense structures, and performance of CPA financial planning and investment advisory practices overall, as well as key segments within the profession.

    · Best practices in financial and business management: Staffing, productivity, profitability, and other key areas will be evaluated to identify best practices in the areas of financial and business management.

    · The biggest challenges facing the profession and how they are being addressed: This survey will identify the key challenges facing CPA financial planning/advisory professionals, as well as what others are doing to overcome them.

    · The results of the top firms: The report will identify the top performing firms in order to evaluate the factors that seem to be contributing to their overall success.

    All survey participants will receive a free copy of the complete Study Report, and all PFP Section Members will receive a complimentary copy of the Executive Summary. As another added benefit for firms who participated, AICPA and Moss Adams LLP will hold a Web seminar in early 2008 covering the key highlights and trends from the Study Report.

    A special “thank you” to the following members of the PFP community who are participating on the AICPA’s internal task force devoted to the Moss Adams Study: Lyle K. Benson, CPA/PFS, Randy Ryan, CPA/PFS; Brittney B. Saks, CPA/PFS; Nathan Wenner, CPA/PFS. This Task Force reviewed and provided input into the survey questions and will be involved in the development of the Study Report.

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