Thrifty Technologist Series 

    When times get tough, spending usually declines, sometimes dramatically. Nowhere is this more evident than in the technology sector. According to a recent Forrester Research survey, more than half of U.S. consumers plan to cut back on technology spending this year. There is a case to be made that PFP’s should be spending more on technology now, not less. By implementing the right technologies, you can improve your productivity, lower other costs of doing business and improve your overall financial position.

    Whether you agree with the above premise of not, there are some very inexpensive technological initiatives you can take that will yield almost immediate, measurable, positive results. Below is a series of articles to help you implement these strategies.

    Survey Your Clients
    Learn how a very modest investment of time and money in survey software can improve your practice.

    Getting the Most Out of What You Already Have
    Discover additional untapped potential within your own workplace.

    Learn how smartphones are enhancing productivity.

    See why netbooks are an underappreciated business tool.



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