Succeeding Amid Adversity: How CPA Firms Are Building Financial Services Practices in Today’s Economic Climate 

    In 2004, CEG Worldwide undertook a nationwide survey of CPA firms that offered financial services and products. Its purpose was to understand how these firms were managing their financial services practices to better serve their clients while enhancing their revenues and profits. We uncovered key markers of success and best practices that all firms could use to maximize the opportunities in financial services. We published the results of our study in a report entitled Capturing the Potential: How CPA Firms Are Building Successful Financial Services Practices. To see how the CPA profession has changed in the last five years, we carried out a new survey from August to November 2009. In this executive summary of our new report, we will examine the choices that firms are making about the models they use to deliver financial services and provide specific steps that firms can leverage to increase their own revenue from financial services while serving their clients better.

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