PFP Collection in the Online Professional Library 

    The PFP Collection in the Online Professional Library (OPL) is a web-based collection of PFP guides that provides access to the information, guidance, and standards available to help members specializing in offering tax, estate, retirement, risk management and investment planning advice to individuals, families and business owners.

    Guides included in the collection cover everything from technical content on planning for Social Security, healthcare in retirement, and in-depth tax and estate issues to practice management and professional responsibilities like technology considerations, investment advisory business models, and applicable standards.

    The online library is superior to downloadable and eBook formats because it allows you to search, bookmark and download to PDF from one convenient location, as well as allows for more frequent updates to content. Watch a demo. PDFs of the above guides will continue to be available for PFP/PFS members if you prefer that format; however, note that you have the ability to download PDFs directly from OPL.

    Guides available in the collection include:

    • The CPA's Guide to Financial and Estate Planning Volume 1 (Non-members: View an excerpt.)
    • The CPA's Guide to Financial and Estate Planning Volumes 2-4 (Coming soon!)
    • The CPA's Guide to Financing Retirement Healthcare (Non-members: View an excerpt.)
    • The CPA's Guide to Social Security Planning (Non-members: View an excerpt.)
    • The CPA’s Guide to Investment Advisory Business Models (Non-members: Download the PDF.)
    • The CPA’s Guide to Technology in a PFP Practice
    • The CPA's Guide to Developing and Managing a PFP Practice
    • Roadmap to Developing and Managing a CPA Personal Financial Planning Practice (Non-members: Download the PDF.)
    • A Guide to Financial Decisions: Implementing an End-of-Life Plan (Non-members: Download the PDF.)
    • Statement on Standards in Personal Financial Planning Services Toolkit (Non-members: Download the PDF.)
    • Personal Financial Planning Services: Related Standards
    • Prudent Practices for Investment Advisors
    • Prudent Practices for Investment Stewards


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