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    December 2013 In this issue...
    • Succession in the Third Dimension: A series of presentations looked at succession planning from different angles, and uncovered a lot of real world advice that founders, successors and merger partners can use to create scale in their own practices.
    • Planning in Widowhood: Many of your existing client relationships will eventually become single women grieving over the death of their husbands. Here are some things you'll need to know about them.
    • Basic Bond Math: What is the best investment course if interest rates are going up? The answer may not be what you think.

    November 2013  In this issue...
    • Best way to build a great planning firm.
    • Some technical planning insights from the recent NAPFA West conference.
    • Parting Thoughts: FINRA debates

    October 2013  In this issue...
    • Analyzing Alternatives: Here's an inside look at what Morningstar's analysts think about some of the most complicated – and interesting – mutual funds ever designed.
    • NPV Minimums and Age Diversification: Introducing a far more sophisticated way to set client minimums – and diversify your client base at the same time.
    • The Low-Hanging Efficiency Multipliers: Here are the very first things you should delegate off your desk – and how to do it.
    • Parting Thoughts: The CE Charade

    September 2013
      In this issue...
    • Climbing the Behavioral Technology Ladder: Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting the most out of your professional software.
    • Timeline of Growth: Is it really possible to predict when an advisory firm will run into a wall? More importantly, is it possible to eliminate walls?
    • Parting Thoughts: Compensation Leadership

    August 2013
      In this issue...
    • Pipeline to Empowerment: Here's how to automate staff training and career management, and create a living, autonomous process for developing your human capital.
    • CIO Brain Trust: How the CIOs of 11 advisory firms started their own study group, and banished group-think.
    • CRM In the Real World: CRM power users offer tips and ideas for how to use the software in your practice.
    • Parting Thoughts: The Fleecing Equilibrium

    July 31, 2013
      The Six Dimensions of Client Service Whitepaper
    Defining and Refining the Client Service Experience in the Financial Planning/Investment Advisor Profession
    This whitepaper from Bob Veres of Inside Information organizes the insights of over 400 advisors who responded to a Client Service Study. The report finds that excellent client service can be broken down into six components, which are explored in detail:  
    1. Setting clear expectations.
    2. Being responsive to client requests and messages.
    3. Making the interactions with clients an enjoyable/pleasant experience.
    4. Providing high-quality professional advice and professional service.
    5. Exhibiting exemplary conduct and character in all business interactions.
    6. Building a close, trusting, working relationship with the client and visibly caring about his/her well-being.
    Use this report as a framework to evaluate your own client service range and quality and borrow ideas from other advisors.

    July 2013
    In this issue…
    • Planning at the End of Life: When clients are diagnosed with a serious, potentially terminal illness, they effectively become entirely new clients, with entirely new challenges.
    • Black Belt Communications: Simple suggestions for how to dramatically improve your client communication skills.
    • Tax Management Made Easy: A surprisingly easy way to offer sophisticated tax management overlay and cash management services to your clients.
    • Parting Thoughts: Finally! A way forward out of our regulatory dilemma.

    June 2013
      In this issue...  
    • Marketing Magnetism:  What does a 'director of business development' do at an advisory firm? A little bit of everything.
    • Succession Planning: How to most efficiently fund your buy/sell/transition plan.
    • Practice Management: Make powerful changes in your practice when you don't have time to do it yourself.
    • Succession Planning: The easiest way to sell your practice at your death.
    • Parting Thoughts: Is history repeating itself in a bad way? Let's hope not.

    May 2013
      In this issue...  
    • Operational Networking:  Two new professional study groups have been created solely for back office administrators--who are realizing the full value of information sharing.
    • Beyond Risk Parity: Here's how risk parity works. And here are some portfolio concepts that are a bit more sophisticated.
    • Trapped in Tweenerland: Mark Hurley's latest report is out. If you can ignore the predictions of the future, it's actually pretty insightful.
    • Parting Thoughts: How to read the broker-dealer rankings between the lines, and why bigger should not always equate with better.

    April 2013
     In this issue...  
    • The X Factors: A younger generation of clients has a very different financial outlook than their parents--and they're asking for very different services from their advisors.
    • Successions of Last Resort: A lot of transactions are taking place under the radar. Here are three advisors who have made recent acquisitions.
    • Model Valuations: Introducing a spreadsheet model that helps you value your practices and takes some of the emotion out of successor negotiations.
    • Sorting Through the Clutter: What is a curator, and why is that role becoming increasingly important in the new information age?

    March 2013
     In this issue...  
    • Point, Counterpoint: This may be the clearest view you've ever gotten into how the fiduciary debate is framed at the SEC and Congress.
    • Storm of Opportunity: Advisors are looking at an extraordinary opportunity in the 401(k) market.
    • Balancing Act: Stephanie Bogan is creating an entirely new practice management balance between autonomy, standardization and scale.
    • Parting Thoughts: The (much) bigger picture that surrounds our debate over whether Wall Street should live under a fiduciary standard.

    February 18, 2013
     In this issue...

    Special Report: Making Sense of the New Tax Environment
    This special report from Bob Veres covers some of the most important sessions and takeaways from the 2013 AICPA Advanced PFP Conference in Las Vegas in January. Bob notes “Year in, year out, the annual PFP meeting provides some of the best technical insights. This year it added the additional excitement of exploring a new and complex planning terrain. The combination produced a number of extraordinary sessions.”  Read this 20 page report – a bonus issue for Inside Information readers – for key insights from the conference.

    February 2013
    In this issue… 
    • Debt Revisited: It may actually be riskier to pay down a mortgage, if the money is coming from retirement investments. Debt restructuring may be more powerful than most of us have realized.
    • Contract Planning: Here’s a quick ‘ho to’ on a variety of digital marketing topics—and how they all fit together in a package.
    • Parting Thoughts: What are the essential personal qualities that you have to cultivate if you want to get the most out of the constant (and usually positive) forces of change?

    January 2013
    In this issue...  
    • The Death of Alpha: Institutions are starting to replace their search for above-market returns with increasingly sophisticated beta exposures.
    • Asset Class Act: The client portfolio tracking software companies have grown complacent. A strong new competitor might change that dynamic.
    • The Next Wave: How can advisory firm owners do a better job of implementing the great ideas they are exposed to at conferences and in their peer interactions?
    • Parting Thoughts: What 2012 should have taught us, and why we can say that about just about any year.

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