PFS Credential Referral Program 

Our goal is to engage current credential holders to help grow the CPA/PFS credential.

CPA/PFS credential holders can receive a 100% PFS credential dues credit for each CPA you refer to either:

  • sit for the PFS exam, or
  • if already qualified, become a CPA/PFS.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. Refer 10 CPAs and have your PFS dues paid for the next 10 years.




CPA/PFS Credential Referrals

PFS Exam Referrals

Who to refer

CPAs who currently hold the CFP® or ChFC designations CPAs who provide any tax, estate, retirement, investment, or risk management/insurance planning to individuals, families and businesses (or would like to)

 What to discuss

Why you hold the CPA/PFS credential including the credibility, independent validation, distinction, client discussions, and resources included. (Program summary)

They likely already have the education and experience and they do NOT need to sit for the PFS exam.


Why you hold the CPA/PFS credential (see comments to the left)

The PFS pathway including the foundation CPE learning, exam preparation options, including the PFP boot camps.

The value of the PFP technical and practice resources in the PFP Section. 

How to Refer

Have the referred CPA/PFS applicant include your name and AICPA member number in the referral information box on the CPA/PFS application.  If they apply online, they should send an email with that information to within 5 business days.  When the exam referral registers for the PFS exam on the AICPA Store, they should also send an email to with the referring CPA/PFS name and AICPA member number.

Resources and links to send to referrals - PFP Section website - CPA/PFS credential - PFP Section website - CPA/PFS credential - PFS exam information

Using the Dues Credits 

If you have a CPA/PFS dues credit applied, you will not see the CPA/PFS credential dues of $350 on your dues statement.  You will receive a separate email indicating that your CPA/PFS dues have already been paid for the year.  If you have any remaining dues credits to be applied in future years, they will be listed in the email as well.  If you have any questions, please contact

This is an excellent opportunity to talk to your CPA colleagues about your experiences with personal financial planning as a practice area and the CPA/PFS credential.

The Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) program allows CPAs to gain and demonstrate competence and confidence in providing estate, tax, retirement, risk management and/or investment planning advice to individuals, families and business owners through experience, education, examination, and a resulting credential.

“If every PFS credential holder made just one referral this year, we would
have an explosion in the number of credential holders and what a message
that would send to the CPA and financial planning community!”

- Lisa Featherngill, CPA/PFS, past PFS Credential Committee Chair


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