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Many CPAs venture into Personal Financial Planning ( PFP) because it is a logical extension of tax and accounting services. It also broadens the scope of a CPA's practice and provides new opportunities for generating revenue. As such, for CPAs that want to enhance their success as a financial planner, the AICPA’s Personal Financial Planning Membership Section provides resources and support that keep PFP practitioners at the forefront of the profession.

Boost Your Achievement with the PFP Section

The PFP Section will broaden your technical expertise, improve your professional competence and help you deliver high-quality, profitable PFP services. As a member, you receive essential information to stay up-to-date on critical PFP issues. You receive guidance on performing proficient PFP services. You also receive valuable practice management tools such as sample forms, reports, exhibits and checklists. The monetary value of the benefits you receive far surpass the cost of membership.

PFP Section Membership
The PFP Section will broaden your technical expertise, improve your professional competence, and help you deliver high-quality, profitable PFP services. As a member, you receive essential information to stay up-to-date on critical PFP issues. You receive guidance on performing proficient PFP services. You also receive valuable practice management tools such as sample forms, reports, exhibits and checklists. The monetary value of the benefits you receive far surpass the cost of membership.

PFS Credential
The Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) credential distinguishes you as a CPA and personal financial planner. The AICPA has established a credential for CPAs who specialize in practice area. The PFS credential is granted exclusively to CPAs with considerable personal financial planning ( PFP) experience who want to demonstrate their knowledge, skill and experience by earning this exclusive credential.

Key Member Benefits 
AICPA/Moss Adams Study
There has been an explosive growth trend in the number of CPA firms providing financial planning/advisory services over the past decade. Many CPA firms are a natural fit to provide these services as they have partners and employees with the business acumen and deep tax knowledge that is necessary to give effective advice.

The AICPA/Moss Adams CPA Financial Planning Practice Study is the first ever study of its kind that analyzes the best practices and the challenges of firms practicing in this area. Use these study results to view what the most successful firms are doing to be profitable in this area. To get a head start on whether this study will be beneficial to your practice. Purchase the full study report; AICPA member receive substantial discounts off the regular price. PFP Section members and PFS credential holders receive will receive a complimentary copy.

Forefield Advisor
Operating at the intersection of leading-edge financial planning and state-of-the-art technology, Forefield Advisor is a world-class client education and communication tool and is now available to PFP Section members at no additional charge.

Forefield Advisor is a web-based business development, education and client communication tool that enables financial professionals to deliver current and concise advice to clients.

Overview of Forefield Advisor benefits:
Forefield Advisor - Full Access
The AICPA has partnered with Forefield, Inc. to give our members access to Forefield Advisor. Communicate more effectively and efficiently with your clients by using resources from Forefield Advisor, a world-class client education and communication tool. These communications can be sent directly to your clients with the proper Forefield Advisor copyright disclosed. View samples of content included as a PFP Section member benefit:

Forefield Newsletters - 20 percent discount
Forefield Newsletters is a full-featured, monthly financial planning newsletter service offered to financial professionals to create customized, FINRA-reviewed, and fully branded newsletters for clients. PFP members get free access for 45 days and then a 20 percent discount.

Forefield Client Seminars - 10 percent discount
Forefield Seminars are a great way to effectively build personalized presentations for existing customers or new prospects. They can be customized with your picture, logo, contact information, color scheme and disclaimer. All seminars include a PowerPoint file, a full script (on average, 30 - 45 minutes) and a customizable workbook. By subscribing, you'll be able to download the PowerPoint, script and workbook, and you will also be provided with updates to the seminar for a one year period.  

Learning Opportunities

AICPA Advanced PFP Conference
Designed for our members! This is the event of the year for CPA financial planners to come together to network and gain from each others knowledge as well as to strengthen your technical and business expertise. Hear from experts in the industry including Robert Keebler, Deena Katz, Rebecca Pomering, Joel Bruckenstein and Eugene Fama, Jr., just to name a few.

Webcast Series
Designed based on feedback from the PFP Section members specific to issues of CPA Financial Planners!  These events are held throughout the year on a variety of intermediate and advance PFP topics, in both technical areas and practice management. 

Technical Resources
Your membership includes access to an extensive array of online resources you need to best serve your clients. Take advantage of information on technical topics in the form of comprehensive guidance, tables, calculators, case studies, downloadable worksheets, articles, and practice aids. These resources comprise PFP topics including: 


Practice Management Tools

Disaster Recovery and Disaster Preparedness Guides
The AICPA and the National Endowment for Financial Education jointly developed these broad-based guides to help victims of natural and man-made disasters recover from financial loss. 

The AICPA and the Foundation for Fiduciary Studies have jointly developed a comprehensive handbook designed to promote prudent investment practices for more than five million investment fiduciaries in the U.S. The handbook is intended as a reference guide targeted at knowledgeable investment decision makers such as CPA financial planners and CPA Personal Financial Specialists (CPA/PFS).

Practice Development Tools

PFP & CPA/PFS Business Development Toolkits
This toolkit is offered as a PFP Section member benefit and is intended to help members promote their PFP practices and services. What follows is a variety of resources and information to assist you in your marketing and communications efforts. You may want to use these tools to:  

  • Attract new clients and improve relations with existing clients.
  • Offer a public service to those in need of financial assistance or information.
  • Educate the general public or targeted audiences about personal financial planning  services.
  • Increase visibility by giving the presentations to business, consumer and community groups. 


Legislative & Regulatory News
The AICPA is the representative body of certified public accountants throughout the U.S. By exercising our collective strength and leveraging the tremendous talent of our membership, we can work successfully to address issues of concern to members, the financial services community, investors and the public. The AICPA PFP Division works with the AICPA Congressional Affairs Team to ensure that issues impacting CPA financial planners are monitored and acted upon as needed.

360 Financial Literacy
It is a duty of the nation's Certified Public Accountants to promote financial literacy by helping Americans understand their personal finances and develop money management skills. Financial education is a lifelong endeavor—from children learning about the value of money to adults understanding how to reach a secure retirement. 

Fiduciary Responsibility
Investment fiduciaries include investment advisors, trustees and investment committee members—many of whom are either CPAs, or advised by CPAs. Available tools and resources will discuss the importance of being a fiduciary and what steps need to be taken when you are serving in that capacity. 


PFP News
A weekly member communication providing you with exclusive access to upcoming events, regulatory updates, Forefield Advisor alerts and other valuable information related to the PFP Section.

Inside Information from Bob Veres
A leading information source for the elite of the financial planning/financial services profession.

Financial Planning Digest
An e-newsletter to update you on trends, news, legislation and events of interest to CPAs who practice in the areas of tax, estate, retirement, investments and insurance.


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