Benefits of Becoming a CPA/PFS 

    As a CPA/PFS credential holder...

    • You are a member of the PFP Section unrestricted use of the tools you need to best serve your clients, including Forefield Advisor communication tools, practice aids and timely, targeted webcasts
    • You have access to the CPA/PFS Marketing/Media Toolkit with media tips and resources, logos, sample press release, and current PFS marketing activity
    • You can participate in media and public relations opportunities such as radio and television interview, media training, and writing and speaking opportunities
    • You are included on the CPA/PFS Referral Database, a web resource for consumers to learn about the value of the CPA/PFS credential and locate local CPA/PFS credential holders.

    The CPA/PFS credential...

    • Distinguishes you from other financial planners – only CPAs can hold the CPA/PFS Credential
    • Affirms your value to current and potential clients and employers, and inspires a greater level of confidence in your expertise
    • Indicates your continual dedication to improving your financial planning skills and expertise
    • Enhances your image as a trustworthy financial adviser: only active AICPA members who abide by the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct can hold the PFS Credential
    • Increases opportunities for client referrals from other practitioners, attorneys, bankers and consumers
    • Affords access to a CPA financial planner community in which you can share, debate, network and communicate with other personal financial planning experts

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