2014 Year in Review 

2014 was a landmark year for the PFP Division and our members with the issuance of the Statement on Standards in Personal Financial Planning Services, effective July 1, 2014. In addition to creating tools you need to understand and comply with the new standards, our PFP team, committees and task forces have worked hard to meet your needs and address emerging issues by adding tools, resources and learning to our existing suite of member benefits. We are focused on creating an exceptional member experience in the coming year and delivering value consistent with your expectations.

Here’s a look back at the various milestones, as well as member benefits released or revised in 2014. This is a snapshot of some of the many benefits you receive as a PFP/PFS member. Review the core PFP/PFS member benefits provided to help you practice competently and profitably. Provide feedback on the resources you value most and/or additions and improvements you’d like us to consider.


News & Communications

Special Web Pages Bringing Together Resources on Hot Topics

Webcasts, Podcasts and Videos

Guides and Publications

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Tools & Calculators

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Conferences, Live Education


Financial Services Reform

  • Continued monitoring of financial services regulatory reform, including investment adviser oversight, fiduciary standard for brokers providing investment advice to retail investors and other relevant issues for CPA financial planners

Tax Matters

  • AICPA Voices Strong Support for Senate Finance Committee Discussion Draft on Tax Administration Reform and Simplification (January 2014)
  • AICPA Seeks Extensions for Cost Basis Reporting (March 2014)
  • AICPA Confirms Digital Signatures Allowed for Form 8879 (March 2014)
  • AICPA Recommends Simplification of Tax Incentives for Higher Ed Expenses (March 2014)
  • AICPA Recommendations for NIIT and CRTs (March 2014)
  • AICPA Opposes Proposed Voluntary IRS Preparer Registration Program (May 2014)
  • AICPA Proposes a Level Playing Field for PFIC Filers (May 2014)
  • AICPA Speaks up for Members on Net Investment Income Tax (June 2014)
  • AICPA Says IRS Voluntary Program for Tax Preparers is Unlawful and Improper (June 2014)
  • AICPA Tells Congress: Small Businesses Need Cash Method of Accounting (July 2014)
  • AICPA & State CPA Societies Seek Clarification About Applicability of the NIIT (August 2014)
  • AICPA Urges Congress to Act Now on Tax Extenders (September 2014)
  • AICPA Submits Comments to IRS on Material Participation of a Trust or Estate (September 2014)

Member Discounts

Members of the PFP Section and CPA/PFS credential holders are eligible for discounts on a variety of AICPA and third-party products and services. Note: References to the products or services provided below do not imply any form of endorsement, non-endorsement, support or commercial gain by the AICPA.

Third Party Discounts:

  • Forefield products, including FREE access to Forefield Advisor ($469 value) as well as 20% discounts on other Forefield products such as newsletters
  • Inside Information Newsletter Service from Bob Veres, FREE to PFP/PFS members ($349 value)
  • Spectrem Group products, including FREE access to the Affluent Investor Index, 45% discount on other newsletters, and a 20% discount on Spectrem’s Millionaire Corner for CPA/PFS holders only
  • FinaMetrica risk profiling software (10% discount)
  • Total Rebalance Expert (TRX)® tax efficient rebalancing software (10% discount)
  • MoneyGuidePro Financial Planning Software ($300 discount)  
  • The Kitces Report (10% discount) 

Discounts off AICPA Member Prices:

  • PFP Division-sponsored webcasts with industry experts are FREE to PFP/PFS members with discounted CPE available for purchase
  • AICPA Advanced Personal Financial Planning Conference ($100 discount in addition to early bird and AICPA member discounts)
  • AICPA Conference on Tax Strategies for the High Income Individual ($100 discount in addition to early bird and AICPA member discounts)
  • AICPA Advanced Estate Planning Conference ($100 discount in addition to early bird and AICPA member discounts)
  • AICPA Sophisticated Tax Planning for Your Wealthy Clients Conference ($100 discount in addition to early bird and AICPA member discounts)
  • AICPA Practitioners Symposium and Tech+ Conference ($100 discount in addition to early bird and AICPA member discounts)
  • Live PFS Exam Review Class ($100 discount in addition to AICPA member discount and eligibility for PFS Sponsorship of up to $600)
  • Virtual PFS Exam Review Class ($100 discount in addition to AICPA member discount and eligibility for PFS Sponsorship of up to $400)
  • Six self-study PFP Courses ($50 discount in addition to AICPA member discount)
  • Self-study PFS Exam Review Course ($125 discount in addition to AICPA member discount and eligibility for PFS Sponsorship of up to $400)
  • PFS Credential Exam ($100 discount in addition to AICPA member discount)
  • Selected books on PFP Topics (generally 10-20% off)
  • CPA Client Bulletin Select (20% off) 

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Ever wondered how to quickly find the information you need on the PFP web site? Content can be accessed from our homepage at aicpa.org/pfp in just a few clicks, however, if you’d rather navigate directly to the material you need – bookmark the popular pages below!

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aicpa.org/pfp [PFP Section homepage]
aicpa.org/pfp/membership [membership information, including demo]
aicpa.org/pfp/benefits [overview of member benefits]
aicpa.org/pfp/discounts [PFP/PFS discounts]
aicpa.org/pfp/forefield [overview of Forefield Advisor]
aicpa.org/pfp/ffpn [Fox Financial Planning Network for CPAs]

aicpa.org/pfp/news [latest issue of PFP News]
aicpa.org/pfp/advocacy [leg/reg news and advocacy]
aicpa.org/pfp/insideinfo [Inside Information newsletter service from Bob Veres]

aicpa.org/pfp/resources [resources overview]
aicpa.org/pfp/tax [tax planning resources]
aicpa.org/pfp/estate [estate planning resources]
aicpa.org/pfp/retirement [retirement planning resources]
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aicpa.org/pfp/practicemgmt [practice management resources]
aicpa.org/pfp/guides [practice and technical guides]
aicpa.org/pfp/practicecenter [PFP Practice Center]
aicpa.org/pfp/responsibilities [professional responsibilities resources]
aicpa.org/pfp/standards [Statement on Standards in PFP Services]
aicpa.org/pfp/consumer [consumer resources]

aicpa.org/pfp/proactiveplanning [Planning after ATRA and the NIIT]
aicpa.org/pfp/doma [Planning for Same-Sex Couples]
aicpa.org/pfp/roth [Guidance on Roth Conversions]
aicpa.org/pfp/taxseason [Tax Season Resources]
aicpa.org/pfp/pathway [Moving from Tax Preparer to Financial Planner]
aicpa.org/pfp/standards [Standards in PFP: Compliance Toolkit]

Live & Archived Learning
aicpa.org/pfp/events [upcoming events]
aicpa.org/pfp/webcasts [webcast archive]
aicpa.org/pfp/podcasts [podcasts]
aicpa.org/pfp/cpe [PFP learning opportunities]
cpa2biz.com/pfp [Advanced PFP Conference]

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aicpa.org/pfs [CPA/PFS overview page]
aicpa.org/pfsexam [PFS exam information]
aicpa.org/pfp/pfsreview [PFS exam review options]
aicpa.org/pfp/bootcamp [PFS Boot Camp]
aicpa.org/pfp/cpe [CPA/PFS learning opportunities]
aicpa.org/pfp/referrals [CPA/PFS referral program]
aicpa.org/pfp/pfsexamsponsorship [CPA/PFS exam sponsorship program]
aicpa.org/pfp/pfstoolkit [CPA/PFS business development toolkit]
findacpapfs.org or findacpapfs.com [Find-a-CPA/PFS database] 


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