Past PFP Standing Ovation Recipients 

Published June 21, 2017

The American Institute of CPAs established the Standing Ovation Recognition Program to recognize young CPAs in personal financial planning who are age 40 or younger and exhibit exemplary professional achievement.



  • Mark Astrinos, CPA/PFS
  • Cromwell Baun, CPA/PFS
  • Christopher Benson, CPA/PFS
  • Clark M. Blackman III, CPA/PFS
  • Derek Bland, CPA/PFS
  • Galina Courson, CPA/PFS
  • Douglas Duerr, CPA/PFS
  • Ryan Franklin, CPA/PFS
  • Andrew Frye, CPA/PFS
  • Daniel Heyman, CPA/PFS
  • David Kirk, CPA/PFS
  • Brian Laible, CPA/PFS
  • Raymond Lucia, Jr., CPA/PFS
  • Michael Maiorano, CPA/PFS
  • Frederick Mangan, Jr., CPA/PFS
  • Jonathan Mayer, CPA/PFS
  • Antonio Morrison, CPA/PFS
  • David Oransky, CPA/PFS
  • Nicholas Reiber, CPA/PFS
  • Ross Riskin, CPA/PFS
  • Amy Sonstein, CPA/PFS
  • W. Ashley Thiem, CPA/PFS

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