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    Event Type
    Event Name
    1/20/2016PodcastAdvising Clients When They Underestimate Retirement Needs
    David Stolz
    11/19/2015WebcastPractical Planning for Social Security and Healthcare in Retirement
     Ted Sarenski, Jim Shambo
    RetirementThought Leadership
    10/28/2015PodcastCongress Eliminates Social Security “File-and-Suspend” Strategy
    Ted Sarenski
    9/4/2015PodcastAdvising Clients on Medicare Enrollment
    Ted Sarenski
    8/27/2015WebcastPlanning for Spending in Retirement
    Michael Goodman, Lori Luck, David Stolz
    Personal Financial Planning; RetirementConsumer
    8/24/2015WebcastNavigating Medicare and the Affordable Care Act
    Steve Siegel
    Estate; Retirement; Personal Financial PlanningThe CPA's Guide to Financial and Estate Planning
    8/18/2015PodcastRetirement Planning - Advising Clients on Avoiding Common Missteps and Mistakes
    Ted Sarenski
    8/5/2015WebcastPractical Planning for Cash Flows & Withdrawal Strategies in Retirement
    James Shambo, Michael Goodman, Lori Luck, David Stolz
    RetirementThought Leadership
    7/14/2015PodcastRequired Minimum Distribution Regulations
    Robert Keebler
    Estate; Retirement
    6/23/2015PodcastKellerman - IRAs and Prohibited Transactions
    Robert Keebler
    Retirement; Tax

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