Fiscal Cliff Settlement: What CPAs Need to Know to Advise Individual Clients 

    originally aired on 1/9/2013 

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    As tax practitioners or personal financial planners, you expect frequent changes to the tax laws, but the implications for this year are significant and could have a substantial impact on the economy, leading you into one of the most challenging tax seasons yet. Whether the White House and Republicans reach an agreement on the estate and tax issues creating the fiscal cliff before year-end or if the decision made in the New Year taking retroactive effect, leading experts Bob Keebler and Mel Schwarz will help you keep up and stay ahead through this in-depth web seminar discussing:

    • A review of the decisions made by Congress or the impacts of the changes from the Fiscal Cliff
    • The impact on your clients and their estates, taxes, and financial plans
    • The ever increasing role of charitable lead and charitable remainder trusts
    • The impact of the 3.8% Medicare surtax coupled with other tax changes
    • Estate planning in 2013 and beyond
    • Top ten surviving income tax planning strategies
    • Whether Roth conversions are alive and well or a fiction of the past

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