Advanced PFP Series: Venn Diagrams: Meet Me at the Intersection of Estate and Income Tax  

    Originally aired on 5/28/14 

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    For larger estates, planning after the American Taxpayer Relief Act will increasingly focus on income tax planning, the management of tax basis, and maximizing the “step-up” in basis at death.

    In this webcast, you will learn:
    • Income tax planning techniques to consider for 2014
    • Measuring the transfer tax costs (including state estate and inheritance taxes) against the income tax savings from the “step-up” on different types of assets;
    • Recapturing assets that have already been transferred
    • Multiplying the applicable exclusion amount
    • Using trust and partnership elections, distributions, and reorganizations to maximize the “step-up” and “split” income across taxpayers
    • How estate plans will be radically different based on state of domicile
    • Techniques to get a “double step-up” in basis
    • When to consider portability and ways to proactively use portability

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