Transition to Retirement: Medicare and Healthcare Decisions 

    Originally aired on August 20, 2012 

    Seminar recording | Presentation materials

    This is the second of two seminars covering critical decisions clients make as they plan for the transition from full-time work to retirement. The decisions made when clients are between the ages of 60 and 70 will have a significant impact on their retirement.

    In this seminar, Tom Tillery will address Medicare and healthcare decisions.  He will use examples and case studies to discuss strategies and identify opportunities that CPA financial planners can use with their clients in this critical decision-making period.

    In this web seminar, you will learn:
    • How health insurance changes from employment to retirement years
    • The Medicare decisions needed at retirement
    • Options for retirement health insurance coverage prior to Medicare eligibility
    • Healthcare issues that couples need to address as they determine a retirement date

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