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    Tax Impacts of Decanting
    (5/12/2015) Robert Keebler and Jonathan Blattmachr

    The Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them
    (12/3/2014) Jeremiah Doyle

    How CPAs Can Thrive in the New World of Estate Planning for Clients Under $10M Net Worth 
    (10/21/2014) Marty Shenkman

    Trusts, Section 469 & Section 1411: Material Participation After Frank Aragona Trust
    (8/15/2014) Bob Keebler and David Kirk

    Charitable Giving: The Latest Trends and Strategies
    (8/13/2014) Steve Siegel

    Passive Activities Estate and Trust Considerations
    (7/23/2014) Sidney Kess and Robert S. Barnett

    The Mathematics of Portability
    (6/13/2014) Bob Keebler

    Advanced PFP Series: Venn Diagrams: Meet Me at the Intersection of Estate and Income Tax
    (5/28/2014) Paul Lee

    Using Decanting to Change an Irrevocable Trust (With Case Studies)
    (2/26/2014) Steve Oshins, Kristen Simmons, and Mark Dreschler

    Taxation of Divorce
    (11/21/2013) Steve Siegel

    Trust Situs for Dynasty Trusts & DAPTs
    (11/15/2013) Steve Oshins, Esq., AEP (Distinguished) and Eido Walny, J.D.

    Proactive Year-End Financial and Tax Planning Series: Top Estate and Income Tax Planning Strategies
    (11/11/2013) Robert Keebler

    Part 3: Business Succession Planning After the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012
    (10/31/2013) Steve Siegel

    Portability: A Planning Game-Changer, But Not as Simple as It Appears
    (9/19/2013) Steve Siegel

    Essential Estate Planning Considerations
    (8/13/2013) Steve Siegel

    Planning After ATRA: Estate Planning for the Mass Affluent In 2013 And Beyond
    (7/18/2013) Michael E. Kitces

    The 3.8% Medicare Surtax and Its Impact on Estates and Trusts
    (6/12/2013) Jeremiah Doyle and Robert Keebler

    Top 10 Estate Planning Ideas for 2013
    (5/6/2013) Robert S. Keebler and Steven J. Oshins

    Proactive Planning in 2013: What CPA Financial Planners Need to Know to Advise Individual Clients
    (5/2/2013) Beth Gamel, Michael E. Kitces, Ted Sarenski and Scott Sprinkle

    The Domestic Asset Protection Trust
    (10/23/2012) Steve Oshins, Esq., AEP (Distinguished)

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