Estate and Financial Planning for Clients Living with Chronic Illness 

    Originally aired 8/10/2010) 


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    The web seminar is sponsored by the American Institute of CPAs and 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy

    In this seminar, Martin Shenkman and Karen Goodfriend and Daniel Rubin discuss the following:

    Chronic illness affects nearly 120 million Americans and is a crucial consideration in the financial, estate and tax planning process. In many situations, modest changes to traditional planning techniques can improve protection and peace of mind for clients living with chronic illness.

    This seminar will provide a practical overview on each phase of planning to enable those living with chronic illness, their loved ones and caretakers to plan better and more effectively communicate with their advisers. Misconceptions and myths will be debunked. Challenges that face people ranging from basic estate planning, home modifications, dealing with cognitive and physical challenges, income tax pitfalls, budgeting and investment planning, insurance oversights, charitable giving, and more will be explained. (Medicaid and special needs planning will not be addressed.)

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