2014 Series: Take Charge: Your Money. Your Life. 

    1/31/2014: How to Choose the Right Personal Financial Planner

    Seminar recording | Presentation materials | "How to Choose the RIGHT Financial Planner"

    Choosing the right personal financial planner may be one of the most important decisions you make in your lifetime. This advisor should be someone with whom you will be creating a trusted relationship for the long-term. Selecting this person is like choosing a CFO, confidant, a friend, a teacher, and a counselor all rolled into one. There is an array of different professional designations for financial advisors. How are you supposed to know which ones are credible? Clark M. Blackman II and Tracy Stewart will lead you through a discussion on:

    • Understanding when you need to hire a professional
    • Tips to help you in choosing the right personal financial planner
    • Important questions to ask before making the hire
    • Understanding how to decipher credentials

    4/29/2014: 2014 Taxes: Start Your Money Plan Here

    Seminar recording | Presentation materials 

    Your tax return is the roadmap to your life goals. So don’t file it and forget it. Use it.

    We’ll show you how in this web seminar with CPA financial planner Gina Chironis. In the context of today’s dynamic tax environment, she will explain how you can use your tax return to create a comprehensive financial plan. In this plain English consumer-oriented web seminar, you will learn:

    • Planning steps to take in the new tax environment
    • How to ensure your retirement plan delivers
    • How to evaluate your investment strategy
    • How to protect your assets
    • And more …  

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