2011 Advanced PFP Conference Workshop - Implementing PFP Services in Your Firm 

    Published October 01, 2010

    At the 2011 Advanced PFP Conference, attend this full-day workshop to learn how to set up and grow a personal financial planning practice from within your Tax Practice. PFP/PFS members receive the all day workshop for $150 ($300 discount off of the retail price).  Visit the "Workshops" tab on the CPA2Biz conference page.

    Implementing PFP Services in Your Firm: Developing Step by Step Plans for Success

    Whether you are considering adding, expanding or formalizing personal financial planning services within your firm, or you are already established and want to hear how some of the most successful CPAs are doing it, this all-day intensive workshop will give you the step-by-step guidance and resources you need to be most successful in this niche. 

    There are a multitude of personal financial planning business models you can implement. The one you choose is what works best for you, your practice and your clients. This workshop will bring together a panel of successful CPAs in the most common business models to share the nuts and bolts of how they have built their practice to provide the highest value for their clients while also running a successful business.

    (9:00 – 12:30) The morning session will focus on formalizing your practice, including:

    ·         Type and scope of PFP services

    ·         An in-depth look at various successful business models

    ·         Identifying your market

    ·         Working with other advisors

    ·         Managing your practice including, staffing, fee structure and client documentation and communication

    ·         Roundtable break-out by business model


    12:30 – 1:30 Lunch will be served in the meeting room


    (1:30 – 4:30) The afternoon session will focus on implementing your practice, including:

    ·         Effective use of a wide variety of  tools and resources to improve your practice

    ·         Professional liability, risk management and professional standards considerations

    ·         Regulatory and compliance issues (including fiduciary) you should consider for each model

    ·         Marketing your practice including development of a marketing plan, building referral sources and other successful strategies, including use of local and national media to reach your target audience


    Experts in the areas of technology (Joel Bruckenstein)and compliance (Ellen Bruno) will be brought in to the afternoon session to complement the panel discussion.

    Resources will be provided including a handout that covers the nuts and bolts of all of the panelists’ business models as well as helpful practice guides.




    Lyle Benson, moderator, runs his practice as a multi-family office (MFO), offering traditional tax services as well as a full scope of financial planning. Lyle oversees his clients’ investment portfolios and his compensation model is retainer/hourly fee.


    Jerry Love, CPA/PFS, panelist, has been providing financial planning to his tax clients for decades. He is in process of formalizing these services within his firm via hourly and retainer fees.


    Ted Sarenski, CPA/PFS, panelist, has gotten a taste for providing PFP services in a larger CPA firm and on his own. He provides financial planning services and manages assets. His compensation model is a mix of hourly, retainer and assets under management fees.


    Scott Sprinkle, CPA/PFS, panelist, runs a traditional CPA practice alongside a registered investment adviser entity. He offers a full scope of tax and PFP services and charges a mix of hourly, retainer and assets under management fees.


    Susan Tillery, CPA/PFS, panelist, leads a comprehensive financial planning practice with offices in 3 states.  She has assets under advisement and her compensation model is an annual retainer fee, as well as an hourly fee.   A key component of Susan’s practice is utilizing the MFO model and coordinating all of the client's advisors.



    Jimmy Williams, CPA/PFS, panelist, runs a traditional CPA firm with a full scope of tax and PFP services. Based on client circumstances, he charges a mix of hourly, retainer, assets under management fees and commissions.




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