Practice Management Toolkit

    Peer Review Practice Management Toolkits 

    We have updated the Practice Management Toolkits to include the revised 2014 checklists.  The System and Engagement Review Toolkits provide you with easy access to all of the documents you need to start a review. 

    The System Review Toolkit has two folders of tools - one for firms consisting of sole practitioners with no personnel and one for firms consisting of more than two personnel.  To see these folders, you should “Extract” the documents in the .zip file and ensure that the box for “Use Folder Names” is checked during the extraction process. An overview of the tools has been provided in each toolkit.

    As a peer reviewer, you should download the appropriate toolkit each time you begin a review to ensure you have the most updated tools and checklists.

    For reviews commencing on or after April 1, 2014:
    Please download the April 2014 edition of the System Review Toolkit or the Engagement Review Toolkit.

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