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    Peer Review Alerts

    Issue Date Alert No. Topics
    October 2011 11-07
    • Enhanced Guidance on the Finding for Further Consideration (FFC) Form and Implementation Plans (IPs)
     August 2011  11-06
    • New Exposure Draft on Administering and Performing QCM Reviews
     August 2011  11-05
    • White Paper on Final Changes to the Peer Review Standards
     June 2011  11-04
    • Revision to Interpretation 59-1 and Must Cover vs. Must Select Industries
    • Reviewer Resume Experience Codes
     May 2011  11-03
    • Enhanced Peer Review Guidance for the Review of Employee Benefit Plan Audit Engagements
     March 2011  11-02
    • Enhanced Peer Review Guidance for Reviews of Firms that Audit Broker-Dealers
     February 2011  11-01
    • Changes to the AICPA Standards for Performing and Reporting on Peer Reviews Due to Migration of SAS No. 70 to SSAE No. 16
    • Carrying Broker-Dealer Engagements are now Must-Select Engagements
    • Additional Guidance for the Review of Engagements Subject to SSARS No. 19 (Revised)
    • Revisions to the Peer Review Standards Interpretations as a Result of Ethics Interpretation 101-17
    • Scope of Peer Review Oversights
     October 2010  10-02
    • Major Programs Determinations Worksheets Instructions Update
    • Identifying Level of Service in Deficiencies
    • Determining and Documenting Matters and Findings in a System Review
    • Combining Matters for Further Consideration and Findings for Further Consideration for Engagement Reviews
    • Supplemental Checklists on Engagement Reviews
    • SSARS 19 Update
    • Broker-Dealer Update
    • Revised Interpretation on Firm Enrollment Requirements and Due Date
    • New Interpretation Regarding 11-K Filings Excluded from Peer Review
     February 2010  10-01
    • 2010 AICPA Peer Review Conference - Save the Date
    • RAB Handbook Updated to Require the Submission to the Administering Entity of the Engagement Profile and Part A for Reviews of A-133 Engagements
    • FAQs Regarding Revised Interpretation 63-1a and the Revised PRP 22,100 Part A & B, Supplemental Checklist for Review of Single Audit Act/A-133 Engagements
    • New Instructional Guidance for Providers of QCM or CPE
     November 2009  09-03
    • Peer Review Checklists Updated for the FASB Accounting Standards Codification (ASC)
    • Correction PRP 4900 Team Captain Checklist
    • Required Identification of Review Type on Top of Reports
    • Reviewed Firm's Signature on MFC Forms on Engagement Reviews
    • Non-SEC Issuer Entities Subject SEC and PCAOB Independence Rules
    • Correction to Engagement Review Report Wording
    • Enhancements to the Report Acceptance Body Handbook
    • New Section Added to PRPM -- Guidelines for Writing Letters on Monitoring Actions by Outside Parties
    • New Interpretation on Peer Reviewer Qualifications
    • New Interpretation on Quality Control Materials
    • Revised Interpretations on Other Peer Reviewer or Reviewing Firm Qualification Considerations
     June 2009  09-02
    • Peer Review Standards Interpretations 63-1 Updated to Require Selection of an A-133 Engagement for Review of Compliance Testing
    • Industry Code Added for SAS 70 Audits of Service Organizations
    • Effect on Scope when Firm Issues Reports for Clients in Foreign Jurisdictions
    • Peer Reviews of Non-AICPA Firms that have Audits of SEC Issuers
    • Definition of Commencement in a Peer Review
    • Review of CPE Records During a Peer Review
    • Audit Planning in a Recessionary Environment
    • Alerts for Quality Control Materials and CPE Program Providers and Peer Reviewers
     April 2009  09-01
    • Updated and New Practice Aids for Peer Reviews Commencing on or After January 1, 2009
    • 2008 vs 2009 ERISA Codes
    • Auditors of Non-Public Broker Dealers are now Required to Register with PCAOB
    • Update on the AICPA Peer Review Manual and Postings to the Website
    • Peer Review Reports of Firms Required to be Registered and Inspected by the PCAOB
    • Reviewed Firm's Signature on FFC Forms on Engagement Reviews
    • Document Retention Procedures for all Peer Reviews
    • PCAOB Issues Summary of Inspections

    Reviewer Focus

    Issue Date Topics

     November 2011

    • Multiple Instances of Noncompliance with SSARS No. 19 in Engagement Reviews
    • Revised FFC Form
    • Mentor Program
    • Peer Review Webinar - December 12, 2011



     October 2011

    • Early Implementation of SSARS No. 19
    • Other Resume Code Clarification
    • Peer Review Hotlines and Email Addresses
    • Peer Review Checklists
    • Common Deficiencies Found in Peer Review
    • Mentor Program

     July 2011
    • On the Horizon: Changes in Standards for Group Audits
    • 403(b) Plan Questions Added to PRP 20,700 - Employee Benefit Plan Audit Engagement Checklist
    • Peer Review Webinar
    • Reviewed Firms with Clients Who Have Substantial Foreign Operations
    • AICPA Peer Review Manual
    • Background Form
    • Certain Business Valuation Engagements Includible in Peer Review Scope
     April 2011
    • Peer Review Resume Changes
    • Revisions to PRP 20,700 - Employee Benefit Plan Audit Engagement Checklist
    • Completion of Quality Control Policies and Procedures Questionnaires Used for Peer Reviews
    • Timely Submission of Peer Review Documents to the Administering Entity
    • Recently Issued Key Accounting, Auditing, and Quality Control Resources
    • Peer Review Program Manual Update
    • SSARS 19 Exposure Draft for Peer Review Standards
    • 2011 AICPA Peer Review Conference Update
    • National Peer Review Committee Annual Report on Oversight
     October 2010
    • Audit Risk Areas Affected by the Economic Crisis
    • A-133 Considerations
    • Submission of Engagement Profile and PRP Checklist 22,100 Part A
    • Revision of PRP Checklist 22,100 Part A
    • Feedback on Problems Found in A-133 Reviews by Technical Reviewers and Report Acceptance Body (RAB) Matters
    • HUD Not-for-Profit Audit Issues
    • A-133 Resources
    • American Recover and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) Considerations

    Peer Review Updates

    Issue Date

    Alert No.


     December 2011  
    • Webinar Reminder
    • Save the Date - 2012 Peer Review Conference
    • Ideas for 2012 Conference Topics

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