NPRC Resources 

Whether your firm is enrolled in the NPRC or you are an NPRC Peer Reviewer, you'll find helpful resources below.

For Firms

General peer review resources such as
Peer Review Enrollment Form, Peer Review Change Form, and other useful information for both firms and peer reviewers may be found under AICPA Peer Review Resources

Firms may also be interested in learning about Facilitated State Board Access (FSBA).  Go to the

For Peer Reviewers

Download the current
team captain packages containing peer review information, checklists, questionnaires, and other materials.

In November 2010, the ASB issued Statement on Quality Control Standard (SQCS) No. 8.  It supersedes SQCS No. 7.

Download SQCS 8 (QC Section10), effective June 1, 2016

Are you interested in becoming a peer reviewer? Peer reviewers have found that performing peer reviews has enhanced their knowledge of professional standards, allowing them to provide better client service by observing and understanding techniques of other accounting firms. In addition, the AICPA has made a
Practitioner’s Toolkit available for peer reviewers.
Of Interest to Both Firms and Peer Reviewers

AICPA Peer Review Standards & Guidance

Download additional Questions and Answers about the AICPA Peer Review Program.


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