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Peer Review For Sole Practitioners and Small Firms 

Whether you are a sole practitioner or employed by a small CPA firm, you'll find all of the resources that you need related to peer review on this page.  We've divided the content into two areas - one for CPA firms that are not yet enrolled in the Peer Review Program - the other for CPA firms that are already enrolled.

Choose the area below that is the most applicable to your firm.

Resources For Enrolled Firms 

Change Form - Submit if your firm has changes, such as firm structure or enrollment.

Log in to the Peer Review Information System Manager (PRISM) or read the PRISM Instructions, so you can:

  • Complete Firm on Firm Interest Forms, or
  • Respond to Electronic MFC Forms
  • PLEASE NOTE - PRISM will be down for maintenance every Thursday at 10PM ET through 6AM ET every Friday.

Listen to the May 4, 2016 archived webcast: Are You Ready for Your Peer Review?

Upcoming Peer Review: Is Your Firm Ready? (an 8-hour on demand course, search for acronym SNPR on

QCM Review Results

Peer Review Frequently Asked Questions

Contact the Peer Review Team

Contact your Administering Entity to receive a copy of the Information Required for Scheduling Reviews (Background) form

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