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    Peer Review For Large Firms 

    You'll find all of the resources that you need related to peer review for large firms on this page.  We've divided the content into two areas - one for CPA firms that are not yet enrolled in the Peer Review Program - the other for CPA firms that are already enrolled.

    Choose the area below that is the most applicable to your firm.

    Resources For Enrolled Firms 

    Change Form - Submit if your firm has changes, such as firm structure or enrollment.

    Log in to the Peer Review Information System Manager (PRISM) or read the PRISM Instructions, so you can:

    • Complete Firm on Firm Interest Forms, or
    • Respond to Electronic MFC Form
    • PLEASE NOTE - PRISM will be down for maintenance every Thursday at 10PM ET through 6AM ET every Friday.

    • NEW! Sign into PRISM using your primary email address.

    Listen to the archived Webcast: Are You Ready for Your Peer Review?

    Upcoming Peer Review: Is Your Firm Ready? (acronym on SNPR)

    QCM Review Results

    Peer Review Frequently Asked Questions

    Contact the Peer Review Team

    Contact your Administering Entity to receive a copy of the Information Required for Scheduling Reviews (Background) form
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