Top 10 Technologies Archive

    2002 Top Technology Initiatives 

    Laptop and mobile phone to search 2002 TTI results2002 marked the first year the AICPA compiled its Top 10 Technologies list through web-based tools. These tools promoted greater participation in the initiative. 

    The specters of the Enron collapse and the September 11th terrorist attacks influenced the top technology issues selected for the 2002 Top 10 Technologies list.  

    2002 Top Technology Initiatives

    1. Business and financial reporting applications
    2. Training and technology competency
    3. Information security and controls
    4. Quality of service
    5. Disaster recovery (business continuation and contingency planning)
    6. Communication technologies bandwidth
    7. Remote connectivity tools
    8. Web-based and web-enabled applications
    9. Qualified IT personnel
    10. Messaging applications (e-mail, faxing, voicemail, instant messaging)


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