2010 Top Technology Survey Questions 

    The AICPA’s Top Technology Initiatives list for 2010 highlights the technology initiatives that CPAs and IT professionals consider most likely to affect the business marketplace and the field of financial or data management over the next 12 to 18 months. By gaining a better understanding of these initiatives, CPAs and accounting professionals can educate their clients/customers, colleagues and employers regarding the potential impact they will have on the short- and long-term strategies within their organizations. 


    2010 Top Technology Questions

    1.  Are we ensuring that our data and technology resources are protected against hacking, viruses, or other compromises?
    2. Are we considering/implementing organizational security precautions even though we haven’t had a data breach or loss?
    3. Have we implemented a sound/appropriate privacy policies and procedures in place within the organization and for our customers?
    4. Are our current internal controls and IT governance policies and procedures effective?
    5. Are we appropriately considering the IT risks associated with the organization in initial planning of any audit or attest engagement?
    6. Are we capturing the appropriate control objectives during the initial planning of any audit or attest engagement to address the IT risks associated with the organization?
    7. Are we receiving the most relevant and current information from our reporting functions (business intelligence dashboards, etc.) or are there areas for improvement?
    8. Should we refresh our core and financial accounting software to leverage technology efficiencies every few years?
    9. Can our data remain safe if we utilize cloud computing/Software as a Service (SaaS) services?
    10.  Can we deliver on our service and product promises to our customers if we utilize cloud computing/ Software as a Service (SaaS) services?

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