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February 1, 2017

Featured Story

Do you want to learn about computer assisted auditing techniques (CAATs) to help you do your job more effectively? Attend, the "Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques (CAATs) For All" webcast, on Feb. 23rd, with Virginia Collins, CPA, CITP, and learn how to identify cost effective and user-friendly tools to perform CAATs. Most people find utilizing CAATs difficult because of the seemingly long learning curve, high cost and lack of analytical skills. Learn how to eliminate those barriers. IMTA members and CITPs receive an additional discount.

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The IMTA Safari book of the week is Agile Governance and Audit. Written for auditors and agile managers, the book bridges the gap between traditional auditing approaches and the requirements of Agile methodologies. It provides an overview of Agile for auditors and other risk professionals who have not encountered the approach before. The book also tells Agile teams what auditors and risk professionals need, and the sort of questions they are likely to ask.

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"Even if you aren't personally a victim of identity theft, as a CPA you still bear the burden of combating it on behalf of your clients. More often than not, for tax practitioners, the big cost is your time. Recently, to help combat thieves, the IRS implemented various authentication measures, which emerged from the Security Summit." To read more of this AICPA Insights blog post click the link below.

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With the proliferation of cybercrimes in recent years, smart organizations are taking a proactive approach in response to these risks. Not-for-profits are prime targets, as they store electronic records on their donors, program beneficiaries, clients and employees. In the "Cybersecurity Pitfalls and Information Risk Management for Not-for-Profits" webcast, scheduled for Feb. 22nd, industry experts will discuss how networks at not-for-profits could be compromised. IMTA members and CITPs receive an additional discount.

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IMTA Podcasts

Have you tuned into the IMTA Podcast Webpage lately? There are several podcasts including “Mobile Security”. In this podcast, Alex Thorne touches on specific steps that both business and consumers can take to secure their own devices. Suitable for firm partners and executives who might be looking to utilize a mobile strategy for their firm, advisors and consultants looking for a broad topic summary, or organizations looking to secure mobile devices in their enterprise.

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