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May 24, 2017

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Next month, during the AICPA ENGAGE Conference, the AICPA will honor young CPA/CITPs for their contributions to the area of information management and technology assurance with a Standing Ovation. Last year, the AICPA recognized 19 recipients for their exemplary achievements. One of the past recipients, Marie Hibbert, is a Senior Manager of Corporate Income Tax with TopBuild Corporation. With over 14 years of her career dedicated to tax and consulting in both public accounting and in private industry, Marie’s areas of specialization include ASC 740, tax process redesign, and tax and finance system implementations.

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"Blockchain, to invoke a Churchillian turn of phrase, often seems to accountants like a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. The technological aspects of it are tough enough to understand without a computer science degree. But where it really gets perplexing is its potential: Some argue that it could completely transform finance and auditing, while others are decidedly more circumspect regarding its impact." Click the link below to continue reading more of this Journal of Accountancy online post and check out the IMTA blockchain archived webcast below.

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Join Bryan Smith, CPA, CITP, on June 13th for the “Time to Get Serious About Cybersecurity” webcast. The presenter will provide a clear and concise explanation of both the threats to your information security and the steps your organization should take to protect against them. Participants will leave this webcast with practical information that can be put to use immediately in your organization and for your personal protection.

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Do you love technology? How has it impacted your work? Take a look at the “Members Love Technology” video and email Iesha Mack, of the IMTA Division, one to three paragraphs sharing why you love technology and how you utilize technology to do your job more efficiently, and you could be featured in an issue of IMTA News. Also, if you’re a technology lover, feel free to share this video on your social media channels using the hashtag #AICPAimta.

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IMTA Webcast Archive

Did you miss the “Smart Contracts: What Lies Ahead for Blockchain” webcast in March? If so, as IMTA Section members (including CITP credential holders), you have free access to the IMTA Webcast Archives. If you're not familiar with blockchain, you’ll get an introduction to the technology poised to change the world as much as the internet changed the 1990s. If you're already familiar with blockchain, you'll learn the exciting developments that await just around the corner. Remember: you cannot earn CPE by watching archived webcasts.

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