CITP Membership and Reinstatement FAQ 

     CITP Credential
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    Q. What is the membership fee to become a CITP Credential Holder?

    The standard initial pricing for the CITP Credential is $350 unless you qualify for one of the exceptions listed below:

    • If the job code in your AICPA profile is "Government", then the initial price is always $250.
    • If you hold another AICPA Credential, then the initial price is $200 (unless category #3 below applies with a lower price).
    • If you are a member of the IMTA Section, then you will receive a credit for a pro rata portion of your remaining annual IMTA membership fee.  Note: your actual cost will be somewhere between the $350 standard price and the $150 depending on the number of months remaining in your annual IMTA membership period.

    Q. I am reinstating my AICPA Membership, can I reinstate my CITP Credential?

    If you wish to reinstate your CITP Credential, please email us once your AICPA Membership is in good standing and we will be happy to assist you.

    IMTA Section
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    Q. What is the Information Management and Technology Assurance Section membership?

    The IMTA Section is a voluntary AICPA membership section for CPAs and accounting professionals who want to hone their information technology skills and learn how to apply new technologies to expand their portfolio of services, increase their efficiency and maximize their profit. Today's accounting professionals realize the profound impact that technology has on their profession. IMTA members have access to an array of resources to help them as they strive to implement new technologies that more efficiently serve their clients and maintain their competitive advantage.

    Q. What are the benefits of joining the IMTA Section?

    The many benefits of IMTA Section membership include: exclusive discounts on selected AICPA Webcasts, publications, certain non-AICPA products, and conferences -- including the annual AICPA TECH+ and NAAATS conferences -- practice guides that deliver information about the practical business implications of new technological developments and communications on critical regulatory issues that affect your practice.

    Q. How do I join the IMTA Section and what is the cost?

    There are two ways for AICPA members to join the section. You can join online (please keep in mind you have to be logged into your online account) or over the phone by calling the Member Services Center at 888.777.7077. The current cost of the IMTA Section is $200 annually.

    Q. When I join the IMTA Section, how long does my membership last?

    Your membership in the IMTA Section is for twelve (12) months.

    Q. I just purchased membership in the IMTA section and when I login to the Web site, I cannot get access to the member's only information. What do I do?

    Please allow 24-48 hours for you to gain access to the IMTA Section. If, after the 24-48 hour timeframe, you do not have access, please contact our Member Service Center at 888.777.7077 or by email.

    Q. Where can I find the resources provided by the Information Management and Technology Assurance Resource Center?

    The Information Management and Technology Assurance resources help members to meet the challenges of emerging technologies by providing comprehensive tools and access to the latest information.

    Q. Where can I find events related to the Information Management and Technology Assurance (IMTA) Resource Center?

    Visit our current IMTA events page.






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