CITP Exam Supplemental Material 

Supplemental CITP Exam Preparation Tools
The CITP Content Specification Outline (CSO) for the CITP Exam has been developed through various sources to provide a framework of the knowledge that CITP credential holders should possess.  It was updated in December 2016 and is first tested on the June 2017 CITP Exam.  While significant changes were made to the structure and placement of subject matter in the revised CSO, the subject matter itself saw just a slight change, with the addition and expansion of topical content in a few areas. 

Free Supplemental CITP Exam Preparation Tools Resources

The IMTA section is pleased to offer the following resources, free of charge, to assist individuals preparing to take the CITP Exam.  These resources were designed to serve as supplementary education alongside the existing Self-Study Course or Self-Study Guide exam review options. 


The IMTA section has developed a series of podcasts, available for free download, that CITP candidates are recommended to use in preparation for the CITP exam.  The podcasts center around those subject matter areas in the revised CSO that were either not included or covered in less depth in the prior CSO, that will be introduced for the first time in the June 2017 CITP Exam.

Access podcasts here.

IMTA Webcast Archives

Included here are links to a number of archived IMTA section webcasts.  These previously recorded webcasts have been made available for free by the IMTA section, to aid CITP candidates in preparation for the exam.  The webcasts cover a variety of subject matter areas included in the CITP Content Specification Outline (CSO), and serve as a great additional resource in preparation for the CITP Exam.

Access archived webcast here.


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