IMTA Premium Member Benefits 

The Information Management and Technology Assurance (IMTA) membership has its advantages. IMTA Section members (including CITP credential holders) receive significant discounts for supporting products and services.
In addition, the AICPA IMTA Section has partnered with other parties to offer discounts and benefits to our members.


 Safari Books Online
Safari LogoIMTA is excited to offer its members (including CITP credential holders) access to 400 titles in Safari Books Online, a comprehensive technical learning library of books. The titles were hand-selected by top professionals in the accounting and information technology field including IMTA Executive Committee and CITP Credential Committee members. The 400 titles cover various information management and technology assurance topics including Privacy and Security, IT Risk and Assurance, Data Analytics and more.

Visit the Safari Books Online page for more information.
Records Information Management (RIM)
Records Information Management (RIM) is the practice of managing and controlling what are considered to be the most important records of an organization throughout the record life cycle. The solution to RIM is Information Governance. Information Governance, (IG) is the set of multi-disciplinary structures, policies, procedures, processes, and controls implemented to manage information at an enterprise level, supporting an organization’s immediate and future regulatory, compliance, legal, risk, and operational requirements.

AICPA has partner with ARMA to offer a valuable member benefit explaining the principles of records management and information governance in this informative video.

RIM for additional information

Audimation Services, Inc.


 Auditmation logo for IMTA member benefits    IDEA logo for IMTA member benefits

Audimation Services, Inc.*
Sole U.S. distributor of IDEA® – Data Analysis Software , IDEA components and IDEA training

The AICPA has teamed up with Audimation Services to offer a 10% discount off its currently published price of IDEA products to our IMTA Section members (including CITP credential holders). For more than 20 years, IDEA has helped accountants, auditors and financial professionals extend their auditing and analytical capabilities, detect fraud and meet documentation standards.

Visit the Audimation Services, Inc. page for more information.

Please note: The discount applies only to new purchases of IDEA, IDEA components, and public and/or on-site training courses. 


InformationActive logo for IMTA member benefit

InformationActive, Inc.
Manufacturers and distributors of ActiveData® for Excel and ActiveData® for Office Products and Training*

InformationActive, Inc. offers IMTA Section members (including CITP credential holders) a 25% discount off its currently published price of ActiveData products. Auditors and financial professionals can extend their data analysis and auditing capabilities, detect fraud and meet documentation standards.

Visit the InformationActive page for more information.


*Please note: The discount applies only to NEW purchases of ActiveData products.

View the listing below for additional IMTA section membership discounts. Note: CITP credential holders have access to all of the benefits of IMTA section membership. 



IMTA Discount Offered (inclusive of CITP credential holders 


Discounts vary from $75-$125

  • IT Audit Schools (Basic and advanced)
  • IT Audit School (Advanced - material update)
  • SOC school

    Discounts vary from $75-$125


    10% discount

    AICPA IMTA Webcasts (receive 4 complimentary CPE-accredited IMTA-Section sponsored webcasts on an annual basis)


    Complete Guide to the CITP Body of Knowledge (Self-Study Review)


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