AICPA Conference Presentations 

    Below are presentations from recent and/or previous AICPA conferences.  These presentations are specific to vital, important topics for CPAs specializing in Information Technology.

    2011 Tech + Conference
    A group of people for the 2011 Tech and Conference 

    Business Intelligence for Middle Market Organizations
    Speaker: Donny Shimamoto

    Organizations are increasingly using business intelligence (BI)and other reporting tools to support their managerial and financial reporting needs. When these systems sit outside of the general ledger or bring in data from other systems, additional risks can be introduced into the business reporting environment. Learn about the additional information risks involved when BI technologies are utilized for decision support.

    The Cloud: Questions to Ask
    Speakers: Jim Bourke, Erik Asgeirsson

    This session will help guide you down the path of migrating your applications and data to the cloud. Also, to be reviewed will be the applications the “make sense” to migrate to the cloud.

    CPA 2.0: IT Specialization for Career Enhancement
    Speakers: Jim Bourke, Janis Parthun

    This session will answer all your questions about specializing in the IT discipline and you will learn about the AICPA’s resources and how being a part of the growing community can help you professionally.

    Financial System Consideration in IFRS or Standard Changing Conversion Projects
    Speakers: Janis Parthun, Khalid Wasti

    This session will offer tips and peer discussion on some successful practices to embed into your project plan when you are assessing any type of accounting standard change – from the MOU convergence projects to a complete IFRS conversion project for the organization you support.

    Five Steps to Creating a Paperless Tax Process
    Speakers: Jim Bourke, Ed Jennings, Adam Kupperman

    A successful transition to a paperless tax workflow takes planning, dedicated effort, and an educated firm. Most importantly, it requires appointing a dedicated champion that is empowered to make decisions, lead the implementation, and identify and assign the resources required to ensure long term success. This session will cover the 5 steps to creating a paperless tax process.

    Forensics and Fraud Detection Utilizing CAATTs
    Speaker: Mark Mayberry

    This session includes discussion of the application of computer assisted auditing tools and techniques (CAATTs) to detect evidence of fraud and financial statement manipulation. Also demonstrated will be powerful techniques that can reduce reliance on sampling.

    How CPAs Add Value to a System Implementation
    Speaker: Donny Shimamoto

    A good system implementation requires both IT and business knowledge to be successful. Non-technical CPAs can add value to a system implementation by providing process management, data quality, and internal controls (financial, operations, and compliance) expertise. Learn how to reapply core CPA skills to add project value.

    IT Budgeting for Small Business and CPA Firms
    Speaker: Donny Shimamoto

    This session will provide an overview of an Excel based IT budgeting approach that enables organizations to take a more proactive approach to managing their IT investment. Also, it will review some basic IT knowledge that controllers or managing partners need to know to validate the budgets.

    IT Governance for Small Business and CPA Firms
    Speaker: Donny Shimamoto

    In this session you will learn how to apply IT governance principles and practices to small businesses and CPA firms to help develop your IT strategy, manage your IT risk, and enable better business decisions through information management.
    New Generation of SAS 70: Service Organization Control Reporting Update
    Speaker: Chris Halterman

    This session is designed to provide you with an understanding of the reporting guidance and the intended uses of AICPA SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 reports. It will also provide an explanation of the development of the SOC reports and the value which these reports can bring to service organizations.

    2009 Tech + Conference

    Balancing IT Cost Reduction and Risk During An Economic Downturn
    Speakers: Donny Shimamoto, Chris Spivey, Chaim Yudkowsky

    During this session, the speakers will be discussing the overall impact of a downturn in the economy and how it has affected IT business decisions. Identified will be how you can balance the risk and cost of IT decisions. Also, further procurement strategies will be discussed.

    Enterprise Business Intelligence IT Primer for the CPA
    Speaker: Donny Shimamoto

    In this session, the concepts, technologies, and techniques used in the Enterprise Business Intelligence (Enterprise BI) will be covered and discussed. Also, key terms associated with Enterprise Business Intelligence will be identified and further outlined.

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